Oliver says.

Ever since Oliver started talking, he’s had an extensive vocabulary and come up with the craziest one liners. He never fails to crack us up or leave us shaking our heads wondering where he even comes up with this stuff!


The other day while he was getting dressed (which is like a 40 minute process, by the way), I noticed his underwear were looking really snug. Possibly because they’re size 2/3 and he’s 5. Maybe.

I said, “I think you need some new gitch, Oliver.”

And he replied, “Whaaa! How dare you doubt my gitch!?”

I couldn’t do anything except laugh. And leave him be in his tiny gitches.


This morning we were having a snuggle and I was telling him how it was only about a month until he started school, and what was I even going to do without him, I was going to miss him.

And he said, “But just, here comes the best time of my life!”

Well you can’t argue with that positive approach to school. He’s so excited to start kindergarten, I can’t help but be excited for him too. He wanted to pack his backpack up as soon as he got his letter from his teacher at the beginning of the month. When I told him he could bring his quilt I made him to use for quiet time at school, he told me he loved me more than he ever has. Simple things like that make Oliver extremely happy.


I’m happy he’s happy.


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