Rushing River 2015.

Warning: Photo overload ahead.


We camped at Rushing River again a few weeks ago. Site 200, as usual, because, awesome. I don’t know how many years we’ve camped at that site, but lots, and we love it. When we arrive, the kids go running for all their favorite spots around the site, checking to see if the blueberries are ready, testing the water, looking for crayfish. It’s like our summer home, even if it’s only for a few days every year.

IMG_1390 IMG_2557 IMG_2784

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We’ve gotten braver and more seasoned, and this was the first year we camped for four nights. In a tent people! We are CAMPING. And it. is. awesome. Honestly. Neil and I and the kids just really, really love it.

IMG_2673 IMG_2807IMG_2603

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We always have a great time at Rushing River, and this summer was no exception. This summer we braved the longest hike for the first time. We were on the trail for almost three hours. The kids did great, and even Ivy hiked at least two thirds of it. Seth even managed to find a teeny little garter snake. By the time we got back to our tent, everyone, and I mean everyone, napped for almost two hours. Seth hasn’t actually napped since he was three years old, so needless to say I was extremely surprised when I looked around and saw that even he was out cold. He woke us up by whispering that it was 4:46. What! That’s one of the things about camping we love- throwing routine to the wind and just going with the flow.

IMG_1443 IMG_2672 IMG_1446 IMG_2637 IMG_2714 IMG_2724

We did the Lower Rapids Trail like always, and we even convinced the boys to jump in for a swim with Neil this summer. By convinced I mean paid them each $5. Poor Neil could have spent the whole trip in the lake, but the rest of us were happy with a quick dip here and there.

IMG_2882 IMG_2885 IMG_2904 IMG_2840 IMG_2832

I took the camping cooking up a notch this summer too. We made chili, hashbrowns and sausages, scrambled eggs, and peach cobbler, all in our cast iron skillet over the fire. It was amazing. We rented kayaks for the first time ever, and had a great time, excluding Ivy, who cried at least 45 of the 90 minutes we were out, saying over and over again “I never never want to do this again!” She was the one who spotted a bald eagle perched in a dead tree right near the shore though, so it wasn’t a total loss.

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Rushing River, you never let us down. I allready can’t wait for next summer!

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