First day of school!

Today Seth and Ben started fourth and second grade. Fourth grade seems so big to me; it’s the first grade I really remember quite a lot, what my friends brought for lunch, who I had a crush on (!!), etc. I started keeping a diary in grade four, so maybe that’s why I remember more of it, too. Anyway, so big! And aren’t they so handsome?

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Oliver had his “meet the teacher” today, too. He is just sooooo excited to be starting kindergarten, and I feel a little sad for him that he just got a twenty minute taste today, and now he has to wait until next Tuesday to really go. I’m really excited for him, and I’m REALLY excited for he and Ivy to have a break from each other, especially after they spent what seemed like most of the day fighting today. Without Seth or Ben to keep one or the other of them busy, there’s a lot of drama.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

(Please note, it’s extremely hard to get a picture of Oliver with a normal face.)

Seth and Ben weren’t overly excited about school, but they certainly weren’t dreading it. Ben said he was “a little bit excited and a little bit nervous”. They come home from school happy, though, and rattled off instructions to me about signing their agendas and when picture day was. Seth is really excited because he has home reading again, but he gets to read books from home. He said “the goal is to read for 400 minutes a  month”, with a big smile, because he knows he can slaughter than goal in a week, really.


I’m happy for back to routines and less kids around. I spent forever catching up on folding laundry today, and now I’m waiting for mini quiches to bake while listening to the Canadian geese honking outside while a cool breeze comes through the windows. Summer might be my favorite, but fall really is close second.


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