Kindergarten for Oliver.

Yesterday was Oliver’s first full day of kindergarten. I couldn’t help but feel super sentimental about the other boys’ first days too. It feels kind of big to be having three whole kids in school.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

When Seth started kindergarten, there were only a few families living on our street, and there was only a handful of kids taking the bus. It feels like a million years ago and yesterday at the same time. Same with Ben, a million years ago.

And now I’ve put my third son on that bus. And still cried. You guys, putting your little five year old on a big bus, even when he’s so excited to go, and has his big brothers there to help him out, it’s just hard! You can’t help but get a big ol’ uncomfortable lump in your throat.

Oliver gets on the bus.

So I cried, even though I was so excited for him too, and excited for Ivy and I to have a girls day, and excited for myself to not have to deal with scrapping children all day. We walked home, and it felt weird, just having one kid around. Weird, and nice. And quiet. Weird, and nice, and quiet.

We met Oliver at the bus after school, and when the bus doors opened, there he was, with a big happy smile on his face.

He hopped off the bus and proceeded to give me basically no details regarding his day, except that he liked it.

He came home and went straight to the kitchen table where he colored and drew until supper time, per usual.

And now we start a new reality, where I spend every other day with just one single kid. That’s something I haven’t done since Ben was born 7 1/2 years ago. The thing about having kids is, it’s like you’re desperate for them to grow up enough to not need you so much, to give you some space, just so you can have a bit of your own life back. But then it starts happening and you realize you really don’t want that after all, and you beg them to stay small and keep needing you so completely.

Today I’ve got Oliver at home again today, and it feels more normal. I’ve got some chores to do around the house, chores I’ve been shirking since July, and I really need to do

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