Fort Whyte and lovely old friends.

Sunday was another beautiful fall day, so we squeezed in a visit to Fort Whyte between church and my evening shift at the hospital. We always have a good time there, and it was their fall festival on Sunday. Admission was $10 a carload, which I call a good deal. Major selling point for me.


(Besides that GIGANTIC beard, that’s a good looking man I married, am I right?)

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset



We did a tour of the barn, did a walk, looked for snails in the pond, and dip netted, and played in the teepee. That picture of Neil and the boys really cracks me up. Ben is such a joker and getting a normal face out of him in pictures is super hard. I don’t mind though, because:


Seriously the best faces, that kid. And those eyes. What the heck color is that even? Loving it.

They had some carnival kind of games set up, and a tug-of-war rope. The kids wanted to tug against Neil, but as soon as they picked up the rope, all the kids nearby joined in. It was pretty cute. Once they all “beat” Neil, Ivy and some random girl totally high fived each other. Kids are so awesome that way.




The absolutely best part of the day, though, was running into our neighbors from our last house. Such good people, that Joe and Maire! We seem to sporadically run into them about every 16-18 months. Movies at the park, or McDonald’s after swimming lessons, and there they are. Their twin girls were born when we were neighbors, and now they’re in grade two, which is just crazy. Anyway, it was just so SO nice to see them. Made me wax nostalgia again over the good old days of living next door to those people. Those were some good years; kids running back and forth between backyards, Joe waving my kids over to play at their house while I took care of a cranky baby Oliver, eating leftover pizza together, our little kids trick-or-treating together, building snowmen together, just doing whatever together. I think neighbors like that are a once in a lifetime kind of gift, and I sure do miss them.

Joe hopped into a picture, with the sole intent of making it into this very blog post. I like how Ivy, who’s never really met Joe, is just all buddy buddy. I love her friendliness super much.


So Joe, leave a comment. I like it when people do. And please let’s hang out again together one day soon.

ps. The house a few houses down from us is for sale. Just sayin.


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