Ivy draws.

Like her brothers that have gone before her, Ivy has turned into an avid little drawer.

Lately the kids have been obsessed with Art for Kids Hub on Youtube. (If you haven’t checked this out, please do. I highly recommend.) Drawing drawing drawing one million pictures a day. Using at least one old growth forest’s worth of paper every week.

Ivy’s favorite video is how to draw Peppa Pig. It’s 12 minutes long, and she’s watched it many many times.

If you’re wondering, this is what Peppa Pig actually looks like:


And this is Ivy’s version:


I might be completely biased, but I think it’s pretty darn good for a 3 1/2 year old. I also particularly love her self-portrait:


We’ve been having lovely girls days together while all the boys are at school, although she always complains that she misses them. She chooses naps over screen time, which is a clear indicator that she is her mother’s daughter.

Processed with VSCOcam with b2 preset

She keeps herself busy playing in a box while I do chores, or paints and colors while I prep supper. It’s a beautifully quiet and simple day with just a single kid around. Downright dreamy.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Today she kept interrupting what I was doing, asking for a snack, and I was getting frustrated, and I guess my tone of voice made it clear. While I told her to wait a minute, she said, “Geez Louise Mom!” All I could do was laugh. She’s also been busy reminding me to say “pardon me” instead of “what” which is pretty amusing, especially since she’s the queen of asking “WHAT?” when she doesn’t hear something clearly.


Anyway, my Ivy, she sure knows how to have fun, and I love her so much. We watched home videos of her today, of when she turned just one year old. I’m upset I have no more babies after watching all that cuteness. I have to buy Ivy size 4 clothes now, and that’s a real heartbreaker if you ask me. My time in the toddler clothing section is very limited, and I’m sad. Thank goodness my sister-in-law is having a baby any day now. Preferably tomorrow, please. I need more babies in my life, stat.


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