A new niece.

On Saturday my wonderful sister-in-law gave birth to my newest niece. Her name is Brielle Amaya Renee and we had to wait all the way till Wednesday to meet her! Which really isn’t that long, since when her sister was born we had to wait over two months, but it seemed like forever!

So yesterday I pulled the kids out of school a little bit early and we drove out to meet our new family member.

Oh geez, babies are precious.

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And then when your babies hold babies, gah, heart melting!

The kids were all very excited to meet Brielle, but especially Oliver and Ivy. Oliver really surprised me, actually. He made Brielle the funniest card- I wish I’d taken a picture of it. When we got to Josh and Jaclyn’s, and Oliver could finally see the new baby, he said, “This is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen!” in the sweetest, most excited voice. Man I wish I had thought to record it, because it was adorable.


When he was holding her he said, “I’m so happy! I love it so much!”


He was just loving cuddling that new baby. I was really surprised, since he never liked Ivy, and didn’t really care for Talasi when she was a baby either. But I guess when Ivy was born Oliver was still a baby himself, and he never got to meet Tali when she was very tiny like this, so maybe that’s the difference. I think Brielle is the first baby he’s met in a long while.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Ivy was, not surprisingly, absolutely thrilled to hold the baby. She shared, but not willingly, and would have held her all day. She told me she wished that baby had been in my tummy instead. I had to agree with her a teeny bit.


She just loved her, and nearly died of happiness when she helped me change Brielle’s diaper. Little girls with babies really are the sweetest, and I’m so glad Ivy has some baby cousins to love on.


Benji was happy to hold Brielle too, although a little less enthusiastic than Oliver and Ivy.


Seth wasn’t interested in holding her at all, which is completely fair for a nine year old boy, I think. I made him do it anyway, and he didn’t mind at all. Brielle seemed to like him, anyway!


Oh Brielle, welcome to the family! We’re all so glad you’re here!


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