Ben gets stitches.

On Sunday we were at the U of W recplex for Seth’s soccer game. Seth’s game hadn’t even actually started yet when Ben’s friend found me and told me Ben was bleeding. He was followed by Ben, who was in fact bleeding, profusely, from his chin. We ran to the bathroom and grabbed some paper towel. After drying it, I could tell right away he was going to need stitches. Ben was very calm and brave; besides the odd little chin quiver, you would never know he had a gash on his face.

Thankfully Seth’s friend plays on his soccer team, and his dad agreed to take Seth home after the game so the rest of us could go to the hospital.

Neil dropped Ben and I off and took the rest of the kids for supper. We registered, and Ben was quite pleased to be given a blurple popsicle. (You really couldn’t tell if it was blue or purple. Super weird color.)

We had to wait awhile, but the Jets game was on, and we kept busy with the Boomerang app, plus a little Minecraft.

When we finally got called into the treatment room, we still had to wait another 40 minutes or so. Ben didn’t seem to mind though. We just chilled out in there.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Ben was actually cracking me up going through the motions of the “how to hand rub” poster that was hanging in the room. I think he was enjoying the one-on-one time that comes with acute injuries.


Finally the doctor came and got Ben ready for his stitches. He draped him up and cleaned out the gash, and then gave him the local. Ben literally didn’t even flinch. After the doctor asked him how it was, he said, “Horrible!” He was so tough though! I was pretty proud.


Two stitches later, he was good to go. He told me that at school yesterday EVERYONE was asking him what happened. He was trying to sound exasperated, but I bet he didn’t really mind.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Love that brave kid, his quirky sense of humor, and his lovely sense of adventure.

And Seth won the soccer game 6-3. So all’s well that ends well.


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