A weekend at Elkhorn.

On Friday we drove out to Riding Mountain National Park to stay at Elkhorn resort. We went with our besties the Downies, to play in the newly opened pool. Neil and I haven’t been out there since before we had babies, and I was excited.

A pit stop in Gladstone for a selfie with the Happy Rock was not optional, although not everyone was happy about it.


The kids were so excited to be at a hotel, and I just love that. We got there before the Downies and Ivy said, “Ohhhhh! Gage and Cadence are going to LOVE it here!” We hit the pool and the kids had the best time. There is a waterslide, and then a super fun floating path kind of thing that the big kids really liked. Oliver went straight for the waterslide and after a couple slides with me or Neil, was riding solo. He must have done the slide a hundred times over the weekend. There’s a nice big hot tub too, one inside, and one out. We all really enjoyed it, me especially once all the kids were independent enough for me to sit on a chair and read a good book.



We ate at the hotel restaurant, and omg it was sooooo good. The menu had so many delicious sounding options, and I really had a hard time picking. The best part of the meal were the bread pudding donuts we shared for dessert. They were so good we ordered them as room service the next night. I’d probably drive the 3 1/2 hours there just for that dessert.

On Saturday we went into the very deserted town and picked sea shells of the beach and even chatted with Santa. Ivy’s currently asking for a snowboard. I’m currently encouraging her to pick something else.




Too bad for Seth, the stomach flu got him Saturday afternoon. I was really hoping we would all be healthy for the weekend, but I was also really nervous. For the last week, the flu has just made it’s way through each child in our family, hitting kids with varying degrees of stomach upset and varying degrees of puke. Poor Seth got it pretty bad. I’m so glad he’d had a good 24 hours of playing before he got sick. I’m also so glad that he was done puking by bedtime, although Oliver got us with a very unexpected surprise puke at 2:30 am, so it wasn’t an entirely restful night.

Still, we all had fun hanging out together, playing and relaxing. Sometimes lip-synching.


By check-out today Seth was feeling okay enough that we went for a drive into the park to the bison enclosure. It was pretty long drive, but it was super neat once we got there. Baby bison, having a nap on the road! Bisons, right outside our windows! It was fun.



Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

We had a really great weekend, and Ben asked why we don’t come to Elkhorn more often. I really don’t know Ben! We’ll for sure be back this winter- Ben would like to go for his birthday, and the sled run and outdoor rink looks like it would be a lot of fun.

The drive home was long, but I had fun sitting in the back seat with the boys watching Jurassic Park.


Until next time, Elkhorn.

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