Where is God?

Ivy and I were in the car yesterday, when she asked me, “Mom, where is God?”

I told her, “God is everywhere Ivy.”

“I want to see Him!”

“Well, you have to use your imagination.”

“But, those kids in my Bible get to see God, and THAT’S NOT FAIR!”

She was really ripped off, and I was really amused.


You gotta love how kids’ brains work.

Today is the first real snow of the year, and it came in all its fury. Ivy came into my room, opened the blind, and said, “It’s Christmas!”

Ben and Seth had to be convinced that snow pants were necessary again, but I’m sure once they stepped two feet out onto the driveway and felt the wind, they were happy to have them on.

Oliver and I dropped Ivy off at preschool and then proceeded to Tim Hortons for our bi-weekly date. We walked across the parking lot as the wind whipped at our faces, Oliver yelling, “Help me! Help me!” all the way. I felt like yelling the same thing. Being cold is not my favorite.

But still, the snow is so pretty, and with that first snow, I all of a sudden  to clean the house and put out some Christmas-y stuff. Not too Christmas-y, because it’s only November 19, but I think some penguins and snowflakes are definitely in order. The fireplace of course needs to be turned on, and the Christmas quilt I’m working on needs some serious, focused attention so that I can maybe finish it before December.

It should be a good day, I think. I’m excited. Welcome, Winter.


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