The sickness.

Today is the first day back to school after the Christmas holidays.

Except no one is going to school today. It wasn’t a school day for Oliver anyway, but Seth and Ben are coughing so much, I’d feel like a bad mom sending them to school.

Seth’s had the worst of it for sure. He was sick on New Year’s Day with a fever- he didn’t really get out of a bed all day. He felt better the next couple days, but then he started coughing. And the cough just won’t quit. I’ve tried all the drugs and the honey and the fresh air and he just coughs and coughs. Last night he was coughing so much I was worried he had croup. Maybe he did/does, I don’t know. He’s been listless and not really eating, and napping every day, which is unheard of. He only had one piece of toast last night, which confirms the fact that he is most likely dying. Seth has never in his life stopped at just one piece of toast. Toast and butter is like his crack cocaine. He would eat half a loaf if we let him. Anyway, this morning he was coughing a lot but it has settled and he is reading on the couch.


Ben woke up coughing like crazy and saying his throat hurt, which it has for a few days. I think he’d probably be okay at school, but what if he just coughs non-stop and then the teachers judge me? So for now we’re playing it by ear, and I might bring him to school later today, when I’m forced to drag four kids out on a drug run. Our tylenol/advil/cold medicine supply is completely depleted. We’re running solely on tea and honey now, which is okay too.

So although I’m ready to get back to routines today, they are not, so we are not. The sound of an extra day of laziness sounds okay to me, too, although I’ve got quite a few things on my to-do list. Namely, brushing my hair. Also, taking down the Christmas tree. But mostly, some sewing. It’s Ivy’s birthday in two weeks (WHAT.) and I want to sew her a birthday dress, a doll basket, and maybe a shirt too. But most importantly, the dress. I got the cutest birthday party fabric in and obviously it should be a dress. But before sewing I need to get the boring stuff done.

It’s an absolutely beautiful morning- the sky is the color of pale blue cotton candy with pretty streaks of pink running through it, and everything is covered in hor frost. I wish you could see it. It seems like a great morning to get stuff done. Or do nothing. Either way, it’s ok.



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