Girls day.

So happy to report that all three boys went to school today. Seth and Ben slept well and woke up feeling much better. Everyone went out the door with smiles on their faces. Ivy and I were smiling too, because three boys in school means girls day for us.

We started off by cleaning the bathroom and Ivy’s terribly messy bedroom. Her reward was watching 101 Dalmations, the original one. She’s never seen it but the boys refuse to watch it with her because they’ve all seen it a “million” times. (No one has watched it in at least five years, but still, not happening.)

Ivy has been napping every day again, even though she’s officially been off naps for ages, probably a year already. But she’s been putting herself down, and still going to sleep at a good time, so I’m for it. Last night she didn’t fall asleep for awhile, though, so I thought I’d convince her not to nap today.

I caught her hiding in her bed nodding off at around 3 pm. She said she just needed a one minute nap. I bribed her with painting. It’s basically her favorite thing, and she popped right out of bed at the chance.


I got her birthday dress finished (which unfortunately looks exactly like a nightgown), the Christmas tree put away, the house tidied, made the most amazing turkey and wild rice soup (with homemade stock!), and tried, unsuccessfully, to sneak in a tiny nap before I work a bit a short shift this evening.

I just caught Ivy half-asleep again at 5:50 but I somehow convinced her to get up, and now everyone is playing in the snow in the dark with some Christmas present glow-sticks. A day well done.




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