The library.

On Saturday it was -100 or something. Sara wanted to take pictures of the kids for Neil’s mom, so we decided to go to the Millenium Library, instead of get frostbite/hypothermia doing an outdoor shoot. We stopped in at Bronuts for a treat on our way. It was a very chilly half-a-block walk and unfortunately Oliver runs slower than the average five year walks, so it took a little longer than it needed to. We were frozen by the time we got there but the smell of donuts and the site of two empty tables warmed us up pretty quickly. By the time we got back to the car after our donuts, Ivy was crying she was so cold, and proclaimed that we should “never never NEVER go to Bronuts in the winter again!”. And I mean, I feel your pain, Ivy. But donuts.

Thankfully the library has a lovely heated underground parkade so we didn’t have to face the winter again. It was our first time at that library and it is e p i c. The kids and I la-la-love books and libraries so were pretty happy. It’s a beautiful place and the kids were happy to explore and find new books to read. Ivy read whatever was around, Oliver was thrilled to find an Oliver Jeffers book we’d never read, and Seth and Ben read an Outrageous Facts book, or something like that.


Sara snapped pictures here and there and it was a lot of fun. Seth and Ben were being such good buddies, I asked them to smile for me. I got this:


Oh Ben. But then this, too:


The teeth! (or lack thereof?)

Oliver read the Oliver Jeffers ABCs book over and over.


Definitely gonna have to pick that one up for him, since we’re having some trouble convincing him to learn the alphabet anyway!

Ivy was her little moody self, sometimes smiling, sometimes scowling, and then, eventually, only scowling, at which point it was home time.


We’ll be back, Millenium Library. Because you’re some good cheap fun on a freezing cold day.




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