Ivy :: Four.


Today is Ivy’s fourth birthday. To me, it’s like the final farewell to the baby years in this house. Four is most definitely NOT a baby anymore. There are no more babies in this family. I’m okay with it I guess, because big kids are pretty awesome. I just wish the baby phase lasted a teeny bit longer. It whizzed by so fast I feel like I kind of missed it.

So, it’s hard to believe. Hard to believe I have my last baby is four years old now. It actually feels kind of crazy to say it.

But this four year old, my Ivy James, she’s incredible.

Obsessed with make-up lately. Always with the make-up, thanks to those aunties who bought her cheap make-up for Christmas. She’s always putting make-up on, and on, and on, and on. Washing it off, re-applying. Doing make-overs with her five year old cousin. Checking herself out in the mirror. She loves the make-up.

Processed with VSCOcam with b2 preset

Taylor Swift. She’s her biggest fan, and lip-syncs to all the words. Her favorites are Blank Space and Wildest Dreams, but any T.Swift will do. When she hears her on the radio, she’s yelling, “Turn the music up MOM!!!” She loves a lot of music, really, and recognizes a lot of the voices on the radio. She’s got some sweet dance moves lately, too. Not from dance class, mind you, which she HATES and NEVER wants to do EVER AGAIN. (Thanks for deciding that precisely once class after begging me to sign you up for a “million million” more dance classes.)


She’s funny, and she knows it. She loves being the center of attention, and often is. Being the baby of the family AND being the only girl helps a lot. Plus she comes up with some pretty silly stuff, like “panty day”. That was pretty hilarious.Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Ivy loves playing. She keeps herself busy playing with all sorts of things but lately her favorite things are My Little Ponies, Shopkins (what are those anyway?), and Barbie Lego. Basically anything tiny wins. She also loves all plush toys too. She got a stuffed kitten for her birthday yesterday and it may as well be real to her.


She loves people too. She loves her cousins so much, and I am so happy she has so many girl cousins to play with (6!). She loves her brothers like crazy, too. She’s even starting to play nicely with Oliver (FINALLY).


She’s super polite but can be super sassy. She’s sweet and compassionate, loving and forgiving; fun, adventurous, and brave. She still loves napping and she still sucks on her fingers, despite me taking away her blankie in September.



We love our Ivy times infinity and we feel extremely lucky that she’s part of our family. I just love my family so much, all parts of it, and it wouldn’t be complete without her.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Happy birthday Ivy. I love you!

ps. Of course whenever my kids have a birthday I spend hours reading back about when they were littler. Here’s when Ivy turned one, two, and three.

pps. We had family and friends over to celebrate yesterday. Ivy requested hot dogs and pink and purple cake. Tonight for her actual birthday she’s requested sandwiches.


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    • Nikki says:

      Yes I made it Christine, but it’s actually SO easy. Probably took me less than ten minutes once I had the icing made. Just google “ruffle icing”. A $2 icing tip and a ziplock freezer bag was all I used!

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