The end of January.

January 29th already. I mean, really. Amazing. Spring is just around the corner, right? It was pretty cold the first couple (few?) weeks of the year, but this week it’s warmed up and it even rained a couple days ago. Rain! In January! That was weird. But I was okay with it. We made snowmen and shovelled the driveway in the rain. Today is supposed to be above zero too, so hopefully our snowmen don’t melt away.


The last few days we’ve been mostly at home, just hanging out. We haven’t gone out much, except to the post office. The other day when we were getting ready to go Oliver said to Ivy, “Come on sibling, time to go.” I laughed so hard. I asked him if he even knew what sibling meant, and he didn’t. All he knew was that the dinosaur on Jurassic World ate her sibling. So, you know a dinosaur ate its sibling, and that is why you chose to call your sister sibling? Seems accurate for Oliver, really.


I took all the kids to the doctor on Tuesday. A couple of them were having their annual check-ups, and Seth was having a follow-up from an MRI he had in November about his wonky knee. Ben and Ivy are healthy and average heights and weights. Seth’s MRI showed a lesion in his knee and so he has a referral to orthopedics now. I’m not worried about it; and actually it feels good to know there actually is something there bothering him. It’s been bugging him on and off since kindergarten, sometimes to the point where he can’t even weight bear, but usually just to the point where it is painful and causes him to limp. It was hurting him again last week, but that was the first time in almost nine months or so probably. Super random. Anyway I guess we’ll see what ortho says about it!


Can we talk about those brown eyes and those freckles though? And his big soft heart, too? He’s such a good kid you guys. Every night when I tuck him in, and he pulls me close for a cuddle and a kiss, I just feel so lucky and so thankful.

So that’s what’s been happening around here. Not a lot of anything, but that’s pretty much how I like it.


Seriously, I just love being at home with no plans on the agenda. It’s my favorite.


Of course, there’s always a million things that need to be done here, but that’s okay. One toilet at a time, one load at a time, one dish at a time. And maybe one nap at a time, too. As Ivy would say, “This is my life!” She means, “This is the life”, ha! I laugh every time she says it!


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