The neverending neverending.

Lately I’ve just felt so overwhelmed by my “to-do” list. Like I’m doing and doing and doing and never not doing but I never get to the bottom of my list. And since I never get to  the bottom, I never get to anything fun, or relaxing, or just anything I actually WANT to do. I’m trying so hard to do all the NEED-to-do’s that I never get to the want-to-do’s. It’s so frustrating. Am I just the worst time manager? Well, I know I’m not the best. Do I just have too much? I don’t know. Why haven’t I been able to find even ten minutes to start that book I got for Christmas? I don’t get it.

Anyways, this morning, I decided to forget the to-do list and just chill out.

I had a really long shower.

I cleaned the bathroom, but I wanted to do it, so it was ok with me.

I helped Oliver with writing a book he’s working on.


I braided Ivy’s hair. Apparently completely wrong because she burst into tears as soon as she looked in the mirror. It was so bad she threw herself sobbing onto her bed and fell asleep.


I ate lunch with the kids.

And I’m going to have a nap.

I still do need to do a couple things this afternoon, and there are a couple sewing projects I’ve been wanting to start for forever. I want to make it happen this afternoon.

I’m going to make fajitas for supper, and I want to make donuts for dessert, just because.

I just want to have a good day, for goodness’ sake.

Funny story/side note:

Last night when I came home from work I went to climb into bed and nearly tripped on Ivy, who was sleeping on the floor.


I’m starting to think she’s got narcolepsy. Or that sleep is a coping mechanism for her. She’ll definitely put herself to sleep whenever things aren’t going her way. Yesterday and today she had already had a nap before 11:30 am. It’s weird.

Anyway, cheers to a good day. And a nap.



3 thoughts on “The neverending neverending.

  1. Pat & Claudette Hennan says:

    Hmmm…the never ending to-do list. I’m afraid you may have a genetic pre-dispostion to that kind of thing. 😦 I have been grappling for years with the same list issues and still in fact have my list from before I retired. Most of the things on that list are STILL not done. Someone once told me to just throw out my list. WHAT!!?? That’s like suggesting a hoarder get rid of all their stuff. I can’t imagine life without it, and yet life with it can be frustrating at times. Just some thoughts. Anyway, I have to get going- got several things on my to-do list to take care of.

  2. Jasmyn says:

    I also struggle with the same. But!!! Recently I darted keeping track of the things I got done. I have to say it’s much more encouraging than looking at a list of stuff that I didn’t manage to have time to do. 🙂

  3. Carla says:

    Ivy is too cute! I’d like to sleep to cope too but napping on my desk wouldn’t go over very well! Lol! I hear you about the to do list. There’s so much involved in just keeping things functioning on a day to day basis that the fun stuff takes a back seat. Good for you for taking the time to do the non-to do list things.

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