Oliver and Ivy.

They’re either best friends or worst enemies, and on any given day it’s much more likely that they’re fighting with each other than that they’re actually getting along.

The other day they were yelling at each other and I told them to stop fighting.

Oliver immediately blamed Ivy. “She started it!”

Ivy retorted, “Ladies do NOT start fights, but they can finish it!”

Then they just kept on grumbling and fighting. I heard Oliver under his breath, “That girl doesn’t scare me.”

I mean, all you can even do is laugh. They’re a pretty funny pair. They both come up with the funniest one liners and I really love them, even if they make me crazy half the time.

Yesterday they were playing with sidewalk chalk on the driveway. Oliver proudly told me, “I drew one of those dead people things (a tombstone!) and I put Ivy’s name on it.”

I mean, come on. That’s hilarious. She had it coming I guess. She had basically beaten him up earlier that day.

My little loves.


Oliver is extremely uncomfortable with that much physical contact from his sister. But obviously I made him do it anyway.


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