Oh Monday.

I know most people complain about Mondays, but I actually really like them. It’s a fresh new week; what’s not to love?

This morning Oliver asked for breakfast in bed. I don’t really know where that came from because no one in this house has had breakfast in bed in approximately 7 years, or possibly never. But he wanted oatmeal, and he wanted it in bed. Sure Oliver. Why not?

When he was done eating he thanked me for his breakfast in bed, put his bowl in the sink, and proceeded to the table to set up the game Blokus. We just discovered this game a couple weeks ago, and Oliver loves it, and is VERY good at it. Like almost always beats Neil and I, and we’re not letting him win. It’s baffling, really.


I of course had a million things to do, but starting my week off with a cup of coffee and a couple rounds of Blokus seemed like a good plan. We tied, but only because it’s easier with just two players. My faith in Oliver’s brain is restored when watching him play this game. (No offense, Oliver, but you can often be a space cadet and sometimes I’m not sure what’s going on in your head.)

We had a church song on and Ivy simply cannot listen to music without getting dressed IN A DRESS and then accessorizing. When I try to take a picture of her, she HAS to drop a pose.


And now the kids are drawing with the Art for Kids Hub app. Ivy is drawing Lalaloopsies, and Oliver is doing Star Wars stuff. I just over heard Ivy say to Oliver, “Awwww! Oliver! That is soooooo good!”


IMG_2715I mean, if that’s not a good start to a week, what is?





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