It’s my birthday.

I turned 35 today.

It was awesome.

I woke up to Benji bringing me a cup of coffee in bed. Not just a regular cup- he had drawn little pictures and cut them out and used tape to decorate my coffee cup. Pretty special.

And then he gave me the birthday card he made me.

IMG_3239 (2)

Um. What? Likely just Ben being Ben I thought to myself.

Then Seth asked me what I wanted on my pancakes. Pancakes? What alternate universe am I living in right now? Not only did Neil take a day off work to spend with me on my birthday (what! Just call me the luckiest ever) BUT he also googled a recipe and made me some pancakes. Not just pancakes, but HEART SHAPED pancakes. Clearly this was going to be the best birthday ever. You guys, I just love my family so so so much.


When I was done my pancakes the kids told me to come to the livingroom to sit on the birthday throne they had made me. There were blankets and pillows and presents, so I sat.

Straight onto a whoopie cushion. All of a sudden the birthday card warning made sense. Oliver laughed so hard he was slapping the couch. It was actually awesome.

Neil got me a pile of stuff from Lush, a super awesome t-shirt, and a freaking awesome non-hoodie. And a beach hat. Ivy was adamant that I get a beach hat for my birthday, and had been talking about it for like a solid month. And then a couple days ago she was like, “I’m SO sorry, Mom. We forgot to get you a beach hat!” She tricked me!

So then ALL  of my kids went to school. It happened to be the one morning a week Ivy has preschool. So obviously Neil and I took advantage of our child-free time and… went for a walk at Bird’s Hill. And maybe some other stuff, not gonna lie. But mostly, a hike at Bird’s Hill. 😉


It was HOT you guys. The walk. And maybe some other stuff. Just sayin. Weather records were broken today for real. It got up to 33!

We had delicious sandwiches for lunch and iced coffee on the deck and took it easy all afternoon. When the kids got home we went to the beach! On a Thursday! On May 5!

IMG_3211 (2)


We were planning to roast hot dogs at the beach but it was actually way too hot for a fire, so we went home and made them in the oven instead. Then we bathed all the dirty children, caught up on Survivor, and ate birthday cake.

IMG_3226 (2)

Now kids are in bed, besides that one who just wandered out here and asked us if she could cuddle us. We’re in the process of dropping empty threats so we can crack open that bottle of wine asap.

It’s been the best birthday, and the good news is that the birthday partying isn’t done yet. Tomorrow I prep for Oliver’s birthday, Saturday is his party, and Sunday is Mother’s Day/Oliver’s birthday/big family party. It should be awesome.

Cheers to 35!



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