In Canmore.

We got to Canmore Monday afternoon. We booked a condo kind of place with three bedrooms and a full kitchen so we could save money (and sanity) by not eating out as much. It’s big and spacious which is awesome, and cooking here has been great. Unfortunately the place we are staying at does not have a/c, and we got to Canmore just in time for some insane heat. So, nothing like spending hours hiking in the hot sun and then coming home to a sauna for the evening. Needless to say we’ve been spending a lot of time in our underwear.

Our first evening we just hung out, explored in town, did some laundry at the laundromat, and got ice cream. The next morning Oliver woke up with a fever, which kind of threw a wrench in our plans.


Thankfully some Advil perked him up enough that he proclaimed himself well enough for a hike and a trip to the candy store in Banff, so we jumped in the van and went for it.

We went to Johnston’s Canyon.


We tried to hike it last year but it was a sheet of deadly ice so we were forced to bail. Ben was in a grumpy mood and complained almost the entire 5 km but everyone else did fairly well, including poor Oliver. I mean, what kind of people are we to make a little kid hike 5 km when he’s sick? I feel like a bad person. Honestly, though, he didn’t even complain. He slowed down a bit at the end so Neil carried him out.


Neil has some better pictures on his GoPro but they’re not here on my computer so you’ll just have to imagine pretty waterfalls.

Ivy and Oliver and I took a little break when Neil and the bigs hiked down and under the waterfall.


Oliver has very little tolerance for any kind of physical affection from basically anyone besides me.

After the hike we ate a picnic lunch and then drove into Banff. Everyone fell asleep on the drive and Oliver was next to impossible to wake up. Eventually Neil just dragged him out of the van and down to the toy store where he woke up for long enough to pick out a toy and some candy and walk a bit, and then that was it and he was done again. But so were we all, really, so it was ok.

We headed back to our condo for pizza and some Netflix and called it a day.

This morning Oliver is still sleeping and it’s almost ten. Neil has taken the rest of the kids to the skate park to play and then we are planning on hitting up the pool and mostly doing inside-out-of-the-sweltering-heat things. Ben really really wants to go out for supper in a “nice” restaurant tonight so I think we will do that as long as Oliver is up for it.

It’s supposed to be a little cooler tomorrow and I’m sure Oliver will be feeling better by then too, so hopefully we can squeeze in one last hike before we head back to the flat lands of Manitoba.




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