On Tuesday we went to Tinkertown for Seth’s “birthday”. It’s always someone’s birthday when we go because saving money is our favorite. We went with Alissa and her kids, and Breanne and her two girls. Three adults to nine kids- seemed like a pretty good ratio.

It was a hot day but there was a nice breeze. We got there when Tinkertown opened at noon and stayed till it closed at 7. We got our money’s worth, people.



Filed under “things no one tells you before you grow up” you’ll find “You lose the ability to swing up and down or spin around at all without getting the cold sweats and immediately nauseated followed by either actually throwing up or just feeling like you’re on the brink of vomiting for an entire hour afterwards.” For us grown-ups, Tinkertown is a cross between having so much fun sitting by your kids who are laughing uncontrollably having the time of their lives, and feeling super sick for an entire day.

The kids really did have the best time though.



Seth and Ciara were practically joined at the hip, which always makes my heart happy. Those two don’t see each other that often, and I love how they love each other still, at ten. I hope and pray so hard it’s a lifelong friendship that only gets better and better.


A bunch of the kids did that horrible pirate ship thing many many times in a row. So many times. So. Many. I had to go on it with the littler kids a couple times because Alissa and Breanne had already thrown up, for real, less than an hour into our day. I don’t mind that ride that much, but two times in a row was way too many times, and I barely made it off of there.


I did better than Lucy though, because she staggered off, throwing up all the way down the off- ramp, and then barely made it over to the bench we were sitting on before she was threw up again.She shut the ride down so staff could come hose it down. That’s pretty awesome. We made it to at a 25% puke rate. I’m proud to say none of my family puked, although I was incredibly close more than once. Oliver remembered throwing up last year, so he was extra cautious with his ride choices this year, smart kid.

Us moms faded fast in the hot sun, so we set up under some shade and let the kids have at ‘er. The big kids were old enough to do their own thing and come back and find us, and the littler kids paired up with the medium kids to do some rides right where we could see them. I lost Oliver once and didn’t even know it, but besides that, I think we did really well going home with the exact amount of kids we arrived with.Alissa found Oliver wandering around somewhere while I was sitting at a bench beside a play structure waiting for him to come out when apparently he’d left quite awhile ago…. Oops.


We ate fried dill pickles and cotton candy for supper. Seth loved those fried pickles so much, he ate half of mine when I had to take a kid to the bathroom. I bought him another one and then I ate half of his when he wasn’t looking. He said next year he’s bringing his own money so he can have as many fried pickles as he wants.

Group shots are hard with nine kids, but we tried.


I can’t remember what Oliver’s problem was there, but the picture was non-optional, crying or not.

Even though it completely exhausted us and made most of us sick, it was another fabulous year at Tinkertown. Can’t wait to do it again next year.



One thought on “Tinkertown.

  1. susiehiebert says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who has lost he ability to go on rides without getting sick. Sounds like you guys had a really good day despite the throwing up portions of the day. We’re hoping to get there this summer yet but the weekends before school starts are counting down really fast.

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