First Day of School //2016-17

Okay so I posted like one time over the summer and now it’s ever-so-suddenly fall. What even just happened? Blink. It’s over. Sigh.

Today the kids went back to school. First grade for Oliver, third for Ben, and fifth for Seth.


Oh Oliver, how can you be in grade one already? I miss you already, so much. I thought of you so often today, and I’m feeling sad about you going to school again tomorrow already! I’m so happy you had such a great first day, though. I loved seeing your big smiling face in line with your new classmates, waiting to follow your new teacher in for a brand new year. I got choked up saying good-bye to you, just like I’m choked up again just writing about it. I just love you so much buddy. I love the kid that you are, and I know your class will too.You’re so friendly, kind of quirky, and really fun. I took these pictures half an hour before the bus was due to arrive, and you wouldn’t even come back inside afterwards- you just wanted to wait outside and be ready. You were laying on the driveway using your backpack as a pillow waiting for the rest of us, which made us all smile.


Benji, I’m so glad you had such a great day too! I’m so glad it wasn’t nearly as scary as you thought it would be, and I’m really so glad you liked your teacher too. I’m happy you had so much fun at recess playing soccer with your friends, and I’m glad you were so hungry that you ate your whole lunch up. It makes me feel like the nervousness that left you with no appetite for breakfast was gone, and that makes me happy. I hate it when you’re anxious about things, but I’m always proud that you know what you’re feeling and are able to acknowledge it as normal and okay. Those times when you tell me your tummy feels funny and that you’re nervous, and then we can pray about it together- I’m just happy we can do that, and that you can tell me those things. I’m really excited for you to have such a great year. You’re starting to know more and more who you are, and who you are is seriously just so fun. You’re very into clothes lately and are developing your very own sense of style. It’s kind of weird, and I like it. You love knee high socks these days, and when I bought you new underwear you were so excited it might as well have been Christmas. Those kind of things make you who you are and I just love it!


Aw man, Seth. Why are you so grown up already? Last year of elementary school! You’re the oldest kids in the school now and I know you’re excited about that. I know you were nervous about having a teacher with a reputation for being very strict, and I’m really glad you liked her so much. I know you’ll have no problem at all with a teacher who demands the best from her students. You ARE a student.You love learning! You always work independently and do your best, and I know you’re gonna ace grade five just like every other grade. I’m excited to see how you get involved with patrolling or volunteering in other areas of the school this year. I know the younger kids really look up to you, and I know you’re an excellent role model for them. Oliver told you yesterday that you were his favorite patrol, and your face beamed so big. It made me so proud, and so happy. I’m so happy that the rest of my kids have you as their big brother. I know you’re always gonna look out for them and have their backs.


So here we go! Cheers to another amazing school year ahead of us; to learning, to laughing, to making friends, and to being kind! I love you, kids, more than you’ll ever know.


One thought on “First Day of School //2016-17

  1. Laura says:

    is it weird that I cried really hard when I read this? I’m a back to school emotional wreck this week…. so weird. Summer was so fun and being together and lazy mornings. I miss my kids too. So much. Why do kids need to grow up – I know the answer of course. It’s just I’m a puddle of anxiousness and emotion and it’s almost like my heart will burst.

    Hoping my back to school emotional wreckness – only lasts a week.

    Your kids are so lucky to have a mommy that loves and cares for all of their needs and just loves being with them so much!! And you’re smokin’ HOT!!

    Love From Your Online Bestie

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