Halloween 16.

Oh Halloween! How could we not love a night where all the neighbors come out to play and visit and kids can dress up and get one million treats? It’s the best!

This year we had a Queen of Hearts, Yoda, a hot dog, and Harry Potter. Oh and Batman of course, although Batman is finding his costume is getting a little snug.


Oh and a monkey and Teemu Selanne. The monkey is Ben’s best friend Noah, and Teemu Selanne is Dotty, but you probably guessed that.

I made Seth’s Harry Potter costume. His best friend came trick or treating with us too, and they were both Harry Potter. 🙂 I hate sewing costumes so much but Seth was so happy with his costume and said thank you and told me what a great mom I was so many times I couldn’t help but feel good about it too. That kid is a genuine sweetie.


At one point in the night after the kids were home from trick or treating already, some girls came to the door and then whispered “Oh! There’s Seth!” Seth barely looked up but we convinced him to come to the door and at least acknowledge that his classmates were there. Neil joked around with the girls about what Seth was like in school and then they ran off giggling their little heads off so loudly- it was hilarious. Neil and I thought it was the best, but Seth appeared basically mortified. He later admitted that those girls always walk right in front of him to block him, and when he’s playing soccer they always hang around his net “bothering him”. It’s happening you guys!! So funny! Anyway, that was definitely the highlight of my halloween!

Ben was a hot dog. I totally didn’t get one picture of him solo in his hot dog costume. Sorry Ben. He really wanted to be hot dog and I really didn’t want to make a hot dog costume, but Kijiji came through for us on that one! Ben had so much fun trick or treating with his best friend. He must have done the dab like a hundred times. If you don’t know what the dab is, see group pictures above. If you’re still confused, ask a school-aged child to explain. 🙂

Oliver was Yoda. I made that costume too! I made him three fingered mitts and he thought those were the best, although they made holding his candy bag a little tricky.


Ivy had seen her costume at Costco when she was there with someone other than me awhile ago and decided right away that’s who she was gonna be for Halloween this year. $15 and a little face paint and she was set. She took her role very seriously.


She only did about half the block and then was happy to come home and check out her loot. I love this picture of Yoda explaining “the force” to the Queen of Hearts:


The kids had so much fun this year. The weather was damp and drizzly but it wasn’t cold thankfully. They did the bay, came home and sorted their treats, and then Seth decided they should switch up costumes and do some more houses. He said since most hardly anyone was out anymore that the people would give out extra lots of candy. And boy was he right. Oliver did two house and had half a bag of candy! The kids did another 30 minutes or so and now we have enough candy for approximately seven years.

Anyway, another halloween in the books, so much fun. Ben came into my bedroom this morning saying it’s sooooooo far till next Halloween! He can’t wait, he said. He’s planning to be a unicorn and he’s very excited about it already. We’ll see if that costume idea lasts a whole year, but if it does, I’m really excited too.

Hope you had a fun Halloween too- I’m so excited it’s November! Usually I’m super annoyed by Christmas stuff out so early in stores but this year I just want to buy all the things and decorate everything. Exercising restraint for at least another month is gonna be hard this year I think.

Ivy and I are off to buy paint and a toilet, so it’s pretty exciting times around here. I’ll leave you with another group shot of our amazing crew.


I like Yoda’s pose in that one. 🙂

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