Oliver’s haircut.

Oliver has almost always had long-ish hair. I have a problem where I don’t want him to cut his hair because in my heart then he’s still a baby with fair hair that curls up in the summer. The reality is that he now has brown hair that’s basically stick straight except for one little piece that may flick up bi-annually. But I don’t know, I still like it. I like stroking his hair when he cuddles me, and I like the way he tosses his head to move his hair out of his eyes. PLUS he wanted to have long hair, like Seth’s friend who has shoulder length hair. Basically I want my kids to have whatever hair they want. As long as it’s what I want. đŸ˜‰

Anyway the other morning Oliver told me he wanted to cut his hair. I looked at his somewhat-homeless-looking appearance and thought we better just go for it. Before I sent him off to school, I snapped some “before” pics,  then I called and booked him an appointment for later that day.

Oliver has some weird disorder where he cannot comfortably make eye contact with a camera. Drives me insane.

I picked him up from school and took him for his haircut. Oliver LOVES getting his haircut, I think mostly because he gets to talk to someone for a solid fifteen minutes. And I do mean for a solid fifteen minutes. He hops right up in that chair and then just starts talking and does not stop until he gets out. I never fail to be amused by Oliver’s chattiness with strangers. He did confide in the stylist that someone at school had called him a girl so I’m not sure if that’s what motivated him to get a cut, or what. He didn’t seem bothered by it though, just very matter-of-fact. So anyway, the hair came off, and Oliver turned into Ben. Apparently some kids at school were already calling Oliver “Little Ben” and now he can really own that title, although it’s not his favorite, obviously.


That’s a cute face though, right? His eyes! And, as Oliver was quick to point out, you can see BOTH of them.He’s spent half his life seeing through one eye while the other one was hidden behind his hair. We’re probably lucky it didn’t turn into a lazy eye, ha!

I feel like I’m still getting used to his haircut, because it changed his appearance so drastically and all of a sudden he looks so much more grown up. Thankfully he still struggles with getting dressed independently so that sort of thing reminds me that he’s still my little guy.

Don’t grow up too fast little buddy. It’s too hard on my heart.


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