I buy tires.

It’s winter tire season. Or at least, it would be if it wasn’t 15 degrees out still. How is this November? This weather is craaaaaazy. In a good way.

Anyway, winter tires. Neil wanted to buy new but I was sure we could find a set on Kijiji. I like cheaper better than I like new. So Neil researched tire size for the van, and I found a sweet set, close by, for a great price. I went and picked them up and I was like “I’m amazing! This deal! These tires! Those people were nice! Yay!”

Neil came home and set right to work putting them on. Except what. They don’t fit. Different vehicles have different sized rims and bolt patterns apparently. So that sucked the joy out of my Kijiji find.

Ok so now what are we going to do? Buy new rims for these tires? Yeesh new rims are expensive. Ok new plan: buy new tires on rims that fit, sell old tires. I went to a tire size website where you could input your vehicle year and make and then it would tell you what size rims you need. Great! Now I know! Amazing! I just found another set for an even better deal! And its the right size! Sweeeeeet!

So I brought the tires home. Neil came home from work and went to put the tires on.

” Eff! Cuss! Expletive!”

The tires didn’t fit. What? Google told me they would though! I re-googled. Wtf. Why does google say something different now?? GOOGLE YOU LET ME DOWN. Ok, ok, I take responsibility. I looked it up wrong somehow. I don’t actually have any idea what happened. Honestly I’m holding google at least partially responsible.

And so now we have two sets of winter tires in the garage. That’s it, we’re just buying new rims. I went to get a quote. Okay that quote was crazy, but we can find a cheaper one, and get the local guys to install instead of the fancy tire place.

And then Neil decided to get just one more set of tires. Just one more set….

And now we are officially a used winter tires shop.


Need a set? Call 204 479 xxxx. No, really though.

Okay actually the good news is that Neil’s set fit and is on our van. And the other good news is that I resold the first set I bought for only $10 less than I paid.

But, yes, I still have a set.

It makes a good story anyway, right? It will be even better when I sell the second set though, that’s for sure.



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