It’s a good day to have winter tires.

We woke up to snow, finally. We’ve had a little dusting on the ground for the last few days, and the kids have been having fun in it, but this morning we have real REAL snow. Like get yer shovel out snow. Like use your winter tires snow. (I sold that second set, just sayin’. Phew!) Like get outside and play snow.


Like add ten minutes to your getting out the door time snow because snowpants for everyone snow. Ben has been feeling like he’s too cool for snow pants for at least a year already (they’re not “slim fit” enough, apparently) so he was definitely disgruntled about having to wear them this morning. He claims he will NOT play in the snow and NONE of his friends will either so he shouldn’t have to wear snow pants. Sure Ben. Not gonna lie, starting to be worried about this one as a teenager…He’s for sure gonna be a no-jacket-in-thirty-below guy because that’s super cool.

I’m okay with snow because it is November 22nd after all, and it makes my Christmas decorations seem more legit. I put a Christmas tree at my front door and I love it. We are gonna put our tree up on Sunday, although Neil told me the weatherman says the snow could all be gone by then. The forecast is calling for temps just around freezing, which is alright by me!


Ivy and I are staying cozy in the house this morning until the rest of the people get to where they’re going and traffic is quieter and then we’re going shopping for new mitts and some hand soap. Somehow we have no soap in this house, and that’s not a good thing.

But first, just one more cup of coffee. Plus this cute face.img_3944


2 thoughts on “It’s a good day to have winter tires.

  1. susiehiebert says:

    I love your tree at your front door, very festive. I was hopping to get our tree up today and have the kids help decorate it tonight but instead I’m sitting at the walk-in with Emerson who has a 103 degree fever. Fun..:.
    Have fun getting your tree up on Sunday 🙂

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