The REAL snow day.

I know I called Sunday a snow day but today was the real snow day. Like so.much.snow day. 

The weather guys were forecasting lots of snow and wind and they were right. The kids were convinced it would be a snow day and they were right too. I was pretty happy about it because I worked yesterday evening and didn’t crawl into bed till 12:45. This morning I checked my voicemail, heard school was cancelled, called Seth into my room and recruited him to take care of the kids and put on video games, and went right back to bed. Such a treat! 

I woke up to a snowy blowy winter wonderland. After I had a cup of coffee we headed outside, minus Oliver who wasn’t in the mood. 

In the backyard there was some shelter from the wind, and because it was only -4, it actually felt really nice out. We set to work building a sled run right away. The kids played on it so much today-hopefully it will last us all winter.

We came in for hot chocolate and lunch, watched a movie and baked gingersnaps, then went back out. I shovelled part of the driveway and Seth helped because he was being a jerk to his brothers and I made him. He did a pretty good job, maybe because he was so furious with me.  Ivy snuck inside and put herself for a nap while I shovelled.

It was like waking the dead. Once I finally convinced her to wake up, I put myself for a nap.

While I cooked supper the kids went out to play again, and then after supper they spent another hour sledding, and the big kids just came in again now- they were helping Neil shovel the driveway for the second time in three hours.

I don’t know how much snow we got but it’s supposed to keep on coming all night and all day tomorrow. I wouldn’t mind another snow day- it felt like a really nice weekend day today, minus Neil, who had to go to work and deal with concrete mixers getting stuck in the snow and tipping over and wrecking their barrels. I had a way better day than him, for sure.

We’re just getting everyone off to bed now, and we still have a couple hours to spend together. I’m sitting on the couch blogging on my phone by the glowing lights of our Christmas tree, and I’m gonna read some more Harry Potter when I’m done here, probably while Neil watches the hockey game. It feels  it’s been a pretty perfect day!


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