A quilt.

My friend’s sweet little 2nd grader received a very shocking and serious diagnosis a couple of weeks ago. It’s always hard when someone is sick, but when it’s a kid, it’s pretty horrible. Neil and I wanted to do something to let her know we were thinking about her and praying very hard for her complete healing.

I decided to make a cozy quilt.


I didn’t use a pattern, and didn’t measure much, so the quilt top came together really quickly. I pulled my favorite girly prints and colors for it. I wish I had more of the mermaid print- it’s so darling and I have no idea why I didn’t save way more of it!! I used the quilt-as-you-go method and quilted each block as soon as I made it, so when they were all done I just pieced them together and stitched in the ditch to quilt the backing. I used minky for the back, which is so soft and cozy, but was kind of a beast. I wish I had pulled the backing tighter when making the quilt sandwich because it definitely sagged a little bit. Oh well, live and learn. I haven’t made a perfect quilt yet, and they’re all well used and well loved so I think it’s okay.


Alissa’s feet!

I used black polka dots for the binding. Black and white bindings are my favorite! They just make me happy.

This quilt only took me a few days start to finish, and I’m so happy with it. I added a little quilt label that I made using a fabric marker. I’m trying to make sure all my quilts get a label now. I have a few older ones I at least want to sign and date too (if I can remember when I made them). I like embroidered labels too but I didn’t have the time (or the thread) for that this time.

I can’t wait to buy a better sewing machine so I can quilt better and more efficiently, but for now I’m happy with my imperfect quilts. I know that Lily will have lots of cozy times with her quilt. She’s going to be just fine, thankfully, and I hope this quilt will bring her comfort for many many years to come!

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