Snow Day 2!

So yeah, we actually did get two snow days in a row! The snow is crazy around here. I think it’s finally stopped sort of, for now, but yeesh, we got a lot of snow.

I shovelled half the driveway so I could go out and get some baking ingredients. It was way harder today because now the snow bank I need to throw snow on is like four feet tall. Really worked those arms.

The kids spent lots of time sledding again, and Ivy worked up the nerve to go down once. Usually she’s totally fearless about this sort of thing but she’s psyched herself out or something this winter so far.

Oliver continued to have an absolute blast, and Ben kept riding that snow skate like a champ.

It was still only -4 today so it was a really nice morning to play outside.

The snow kept getting caught in Oliver’s long eyelashes but I had the hardest time trying to get him to stay still for a picture.

We came in for baked oatmeal, some housework (I cleaned out the junk drawer!!), a movie, and some baking. Today we made butter tarts, salted caramel chocolate fudge, and homemade caramels. The caramels were super easy to make but I should have used parchment paper instead of no name wax paper because it really stuck. A little extra work but they turned out really cute at least.

The kids got their Lego Club magazines in the mail and those kept them quiet for ages.

I got Christmas cards addressed, stamped, AND mailed today!

Feeling extra efficient today!

Babies are already asleep and I’m helping Seth and Ben decide what they’re going to ask Santa for. They’re drawing a blank on their wish lists so far, which is making it a little tricky for me to finish up my shopping. Hopefully we can figure something out tonight. 😉


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