Christmassy stuff.

And just like that it’s been three weeks since I posted and it’s three sleeps till Christmas! As Ivy would say…oh em goodness!!!

We’ve had a fun month of Christmas concerts and visiting Santa and Christmas parties and then more Christmas concerts.

After our first attempt at Santa with the two hour line up, I knew better and planned accordingly. I dragged myself out of bed early after an evening shift the night before, we packed up and left Neil at home, and got to the store just as it opened. We were 2nd in line and I felt like the king of the world.

And Santa and Mrs.Clause, you guys. They were pure magic. Even Seth was convinced these two were the REAL ones. To be honest, they almost had me roped in. They were just the sweetest and so genuinely warm and friendly and interested in the kids. They totally had the kids convinced they remembered them from last year and when Seth told Mrs.Clause he wanted Lego for Christmas she said “I just knew it!” just like she really knew Seth and what he loves. It was just the best. I loved it so much! Plus, this picture!!! 

Oliver’s a little awkward, as usual, but still, look at all those sweet smiling faces. My heart.

The day after we saw Santa was Seth and Ben’s Christmas concert. Seriously the best. Christmas concerts at church are my favourite and this one was one of my all-time favorites. Seth even sang along this year!

Ben looked a little nervous but I think he had fun too. I didn’t take a picture of him apparently. Sorry Ben. 

After their Christmas concert we went to the Lafarge kids Christmas party. Ivy immediately ran to get her face painted. Face paint is like the spa for her. She just settles right into that chair, closes her eyes, and does not move.

She just loved her butterfly face so much.

They had a photobooth there that the kids sure had fun with.

They all got to see Santa, again. Ivy got a Shopkins set that she literally hasn’t stopped playing with since that day. Oliver got Lego that Seth assembled for him, Ben got a remote control car (which coincidentally he has been considering asking Santa for anyway!) and Seth got a gift card, so they were all pretty happy!

Do you SEE Ivy and Santa? She loooooves him.The boys school Christmas concerts were this week but I don’t have any good snaps because I was sitting at the back of the gym. Oliver had the very important role of “holding the hippopotamus butt” in his class concert. He was really proud. And cute, obviously. Ben was also pretty proud that he was one of three kids that got to play an instrument. I’ve got to say you guys, he totally nailed that triangle. It was one of those ridiculous parenting moments where you’re sitting there bursting with pride thinking “oh my goodness Ben is soooooo good at the triangle!” and even as you’re thinking it you should realize how silly it is but you don’t care! Loved it.

Last week Marissa and I went to a wreath workshop at The Forks and had the best time. Drinking and crafting with a friend is the funnest. Our wreaths turned out pretty good too.

And now we’re ready for Christmas! Besides that IKEA desk we bought for Oliver that we need to assemble still….Only three sleeps till Christmas morning- I can’t wait!


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