We’re in Kaua’i!

We flew to Kaua’i for a family vacay on Monday. We flew through Calgary and Vancouver and somehow it went really mostly very smoothly. We pretty much went directly from one plane onto another and basically took off right away each time. 

It was nice not to have to wait around anywhere but I was definitely a little stressed out luggage wouldn’t make it with us. But it did! Kids did well on the flights although poor Oliver and Ivy really had a hard time with the last two landings. Their ears were hurting so bad they were crying and I couldn’t convince them to try anything that might help. Thankfully that pain is short-lived (although it seems like it’s never gonna end when you’re trying to comfort an inconsolable suffering child).
We landed in Kauai at around 10pm and managed to get our rental car pretty quickly. Our condo is only five minutes from the airport and that was very much appreciated! We were all so tired although the kids were in that weird hyper over-tired place that kids go.

Anyway we got settled in and went to sleep pretty much right away and we managed to sleep till about 5/5:30 Kauai time (9:30 Manitoba time). It wasn’t too horrible but the sun doesn’t come up here until 7:15 and it sure felt like a long two hours waiting to see what was actually out our condo windows! Oliver used the time to start a journal of his trip. He did this 100% of his own accord with absolutely no prompting. He’s just awesome like that. This line from his first day just killed me:

“Yesterday I got at Kauai. I woc up by hrdd sum thickin.”

In other words, “I woke up by hearing some chickens.” I die. Seriously though, there’s more chickens than people here I think!!

The first thing we did once the sun came up was go get some coffee and breakfast.

The place I had googled for breakfast happened to just be a short walk away, so that was great. After we ate we explored on the little beach nearby. We realized it was the Marriot right there too, and that was the place with the Koi fish pond that the kids had been dying to see. It was pretty much at the top of Oliver’s list of things to see while we were in Kauai. 

Dreams come true guys. Sometime after this everyone started getting seriously cranky and tired and so we ended up all having a nap. I think it was still only like 9:30 am at this point!! Anyway we all felt a lot better after a nap and so we headed to the south shore to see what we could see. It wasn’t a super warm day unfortunately- pretty windy, so as much as the kids wanted to play in the water, they were all feeling a little too chilly pretty quickly. We still had fun though- saw a HUGE monk seal sleeping on the beach, and a sea turtle too!

Mostly the kids were just dying to go swim at the condo’s pool. As much as we tried to explain to them that the ocean was cooler than a pool, we couldn’t convince them. We stopped for groceries at Costco , ate samples for our late lunch, and then went back to the condo for a swim. Neil found out from a guy there that it was movie night down on the beach by the Marriott. Obviously we hit that up. The kids played on the beach while waiting for the movie to start, and then we sat on beach chairs watching Indiana Jones together. It was pretty great.

The littles didn’t last the whole movie so I walked them home and tucked them in and Neil and the bigs came back a little while later. All the kids fell asleep pretty much immediately and even Neil and I were asleep by 9. It was a really good first day of vacation. Today’s day 3 and it’s 8:53pm and the end of another great day and I’m totally wiped again. The kids were asleep within minutes of their heads hitting the pillow tonight and I’m feeling like I’ll be doing the same. 🙂


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