Kaua’i Day 2 and 3!

We slept till 6:30 our second day! Woot!

We decided to go check out Waimea Canyon- aka the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. It was a pretty cool drive up there. The dirt is so so red- it’s crazy! 

We got up to the lookout and the view really is pretty amazing. It was hampered somewhat by the wailing five year old. Ivy  was not in the mood to be in Waimea apparently. She was throwing a huge obnoxious fit, so that was awesome. We didn’t stay too long because kids aren’t impressed by things like enormous canyons with sweeping vistas and waterfalls.

We wanted to do a hike there but really had trouble finding somewhere to hike due to lack of signage and maps and internet. We did find somewhere and did do a bit of a hike but we didn’t last too long because it was a lot of downhill which we knew meant a lot of uphill on the way back. Ivy literally whined the entire way downhill but somehow as soon  as we turned around and had to climb steeply uphill with loads of switchbacks she was full of energy and happy. Sigh. As pretty as the hike was we decided we’d rather be at the beach anyway.

We headed west after Waimea. We went to Polihale, which is almost as far west as you can go here. You have to drive down a four mile stretch of super bumpy pot holes crazy dirt road to get there. But once you’re there you climb down these huge sand dunes to miles of wide white sand beach that you pretty much have to yourself. There were about six other people there with us I think. It was amazing.

The waves though. I was pretty worried someone was gonna drown. They were insane. We played it as safe as we could and the kids had so much fun playing in those monstrous waves under the hot sun.

By the time we were done playing in the waves we were all pretty tired again so we just headed back to the condo to play in the pool, eat leftover pizza, and go to bed early again.

The next day we headed over to the Marriot for the koi feeding. It was so much fun! Ben was laughing so hard at the feeing of fish eating out of his hand; it was amazing. He seriously has the most infectious laugh.

After feeding the fish we took a quick little drive up to some water falls near where we are staying. They’re right at the side of the road so no hiking required.

There was a family there selling coconuts out of the back of their truck. Oliver’s number one thing to do in Hawaii since we booked this trip was to drink out of a coconut so obviously we made that happen.

After we finished our coconut they gave us another one for free so that was awesome. They had two small boys and were pregnant with their third baby so I think they were reassured seeing a happy family with three great boys and one girl. We told them our third boy was our nicest and our favourite too. 😉 

After the waterfall we drove up to the north shore. We stopped in Hanalei Bay for more swimming in waves. The kids have been having the best time playing in the ocean which is making me so happy. The last time we were at an ocean they refused to go in because they were too afraid of sharks. Much better this time. 🙂

  We did a little shopping in Hanalei Bay too- Ben bought himself a new hat of course. We got our first shave ice too. It was pretty tasty but sooooo messy. Oliver was like elbow deep in melted shave ice.


After the bay we stopped at another random beach, explored a huge cave, and then ended up at Ke’e beach. It was such a cool beach!

 You walk through this super neat forest to get there and then on the beach there are all these huge trees with amazing root systems. So neat! The beach is basically at the end of the highway on the north shore. There is a hike there we want to do so we will definitely go back to that beach again. 

Ivy and Ben has so much fun playing at that beach. They were pretending a piece of coral was their baby, but they kept throwing their “baby” in the ocean and watching it get washed away in the waves and then rescuing it. And then repeating that scenario over and over again. 

On our way home we stopped at The Shrimp Station for supper. Oliver is a shrimp fanatic (known to devour an entire shrimp ring on his own) and so this was a must-stop for him. The shrimp really was pretty good and Oliver was really happy so it was a win win.


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