Kaua’i day 4!

Today we did the south side again. We started out with some shopping and snorkel renting in Koloa and then we went to Lawai beach.

Seth had so much fun snorkelling. He is just a natural in the water. I just love watching him swim and watching him snorkel was even more fun. He snorkelled for a long time with Neil, and then Ben went with them too. Ben was not very comfortable swimming with flippers on and was still nervous about the waves so we strapped a life jacket on him and left him flipper-less and he did just fine. 

After Neil came back I went out with Seth. As much as I like seeing fish in the ocean, and as much as I wish it was, snorkelling is just not my jam. I always make myself do it, but I always feel sort of anxious the whole time. I’m not afraid of the water or the fish, I don’t know what my problem is. Anyway I did it and I just followed Seth around. Seeing my ten year old swim around and dive down to touch fish made me more confident that I could handle it too.

Still, I didn’t last long. Neil went back out again with Seth, who we eventually dragged back in. He said the snorkelling has been his favourite part of the trip so far. 

Ivy kept busy at the beach collecting big rocks that were her “babies”. She had six babies!!! 😉 She kept covering them in sand and then giving them “bath-es”.

Oliver just wandered around, played in the sand, and explored. He spotted a bunch of crabs and that kept the kids busy for awhile- trying to catch one. No luck.

After that beach we grabbed a loaf of bread and made some sandwiches out of the back of our van, then went to Poipu beach for some swimming. Oliver played with a sea slug for like 45 minutes there.

That was the first beach where it was calm enough for Ivy to really get in and swim and oh she sure had a good time! 

Our drive home was so pretty we just had to pull over and take some pictures. The pictures of course don’t do it any sort of justice. I have been taking a lot of video too- it’s just so so beautiful here!!

Neil wanted to take a picture of our vehicle. I reserved a minivan but we totally got upgraded to a fully loaded Yukon XL. This thing is HUGE. I can barely even see the kids who are in the very back. And you could easily fit four children across each seat it is soooo roomy. And it has seat coolers! I didn’t even know that could be a thing!

Anyway it’s pretty nice to have even if it’s just for a week!

After supper some of the kids and I went for a walk and then we found a biiiiiig toad. He was sitting pretty much exactly where we saw him a couple nights ago. He was not worried about kids touching him- he just sat on the ground. Eventually Ben worked up the nerve to pick him up (he is SO big you guys!!) and then we brought him inside to see Neil and Seth.

Ivy’s face just kills me in that picture- she was actually having so much fun but for some reason she really pulled out her poker face for that picture. 
He basically sat in Ben’s hands totally chill. Until he hopped out and tried to get under the couch. Thankfully Ben caught him in time and we released him back outside. Super fun times. 🙂

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