Ben :: Nine.

My little chubby cheeked baby turned nine yesterday.


What a kid he is. He’s growing up so fast but he’s still that same kid he’s been since he was a baby, with that sparkling personality, that tender heart and that amazing sense of humor. He’s loyal and loving and good to his friends and to his family.


He loves clothes. So much. He would probably spend almost all his money on skateboard/BMX brand clothing if he could. He even loves underwear. New underwear makes him so happy, it’s hilarious. I got him a one-piece hooded fleece pajama thing for Christmas and he wears it all the time. He knows what he likes and he has a really good sense of style. He’s particular about his hair and his appearance and careful to brush his teeth twice a day. I just love this about him, although I feel like it’s gonna make me go broke. His hat/toque collection is almost as extensive as Neil’s, and, like Neil, he refuses to leave the house without something on his head.

He loves BMX biking. LOVES it. He asked for a new BMX bike for his birthday. Not a Wal-Mart kind, but a real BMX bike. Like a billion dollar kind. He said if everyone chipped in and just gave him money for his birthday then he could get a bike. He said that would be all he needed. And so that’s what we did. Neil ordered a bike for Ben, after browsing online with him for hours. Ben NEEDED gum colored tires. And he was very particular about the bike color too, of course. You can’t just buy Ben any old BMX on sale.  He wants to ride in style. And so he will, this summer. He loves his new bike. And strangely enough, the weather has been that he could practically take it for a ride now. So far he’s stuck to riding it around the basement so he doesn’t get the tires too dirty.

This year Neil and our friend built a backyard rink. Ben has loved skating there. Every time we’re there he’s just so happy. And he knows it, and appreciates it. He says things like, “This is so awesome Mom. I love it so much.” I love how he loves things. He loved the ocean and he loves hikes through woods with big rocks and roots to jump all over.


He loves drawing, especially funny faces or potty-humor related things. For his presentation at school last week he taught his classmates how to draw a funny face. He was a very distinct style to his funny faces, and always draws them the same way. Since we watched his presentation a few times at home for practice, now Ivy draws them the same too.


Ben doesn’t like hot dogs and he doesn’t like icing. Such a weird kid that way, I just don’t get it. He does love pizza, like any normal kid. He requested crepes with fruit filling for his birthday supper, and a Reese’s ice cream cake with a “nine” candle. Not nine candles, a “nine” candle. He picked the cake part out of the ice cream cake. Ivy liked the cake part and not the ice cream part (girl after my own heart). Next time I’ll make them share a piece since they like opposite parts.

It’s extremely hard to get a picture of Ben with a “normal” face. Weird faces are his normal, to be honest.
I love my nine year old Ben. I told Ivy today that I’m the luckiest Mom in the whole world. She asked me if I knew that some moms have five or even six children. Yes, I knew that. Well those moms are luckier than you, Mom, she said. I said that those moms are very very lucky, yes, but unfortunately for those moms, they don’t have the very best four children in the whole wide world. Ben is such a vital and amazing part of our family and every day I thank God that I get to be his mom. There’s no one else I’d rather be.

Happy ninth birthday, Benji. I’ll keep you forever, for sure.

ps Ben turns two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. So many birthdays I’ve blogged! Every year I birthday blog I sit and read through all the other birthdays and I’m reminded what a thief time is!

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