What she said.

Yesterday I was working on a quilt block while Ivy played nearby, when she turned to me and said,

“You know, there’s basically no such thing as bad luck, scientifically speaking.”

And she used air quotes when she said “scientifically speaking”.

Five year olds are freaking awesome.

She’s been keeping busy working on a million pieces of paper food for daaaaays now. She’s drawn and cut out fruits and vegetables, slices of pizza, a whole cake, many many pieces of cake, cupcakes, donuts, brownies, jugs and glasses of lemonade, plates, forks, spoons, napkins, and even tiny crumbs. It’s actually seriously awesome. She’ll make you a plate of paper food, hand you a fork and napkin, and do the same herself. She even dabs at the corners of her mouth with her napkin (which is a piece of paper) after she’s eaten her food (all hand drawn and cut out by Ivy). She’s made a very impressive collection already and she still has plans to add to it. She wants to work on hard candies today. 

Today I’m trying to fight off a chest cold/maybe bronchitis for the second day and so Ivy is watching way too much YouTube kids, again. I just dragged myself out of bed after sleeping for 2 1/2 hours, because I felt like I should probably feed Ivy lunch. Because it’s 2 pm.

I had to bake cookies and blondies this morning for Seth’s class bake sale tomorrow, which almost killed me. 

The laundry is piling up but I feel too overwhelmed to carry it to the basement.

Neil’s away in Edmonton till midnight. Being sick and single parenting is a bad combo. I’m trying to figure out if the kids can cook their own supper tonight, or if they’d mind just eating popcorn for supper. 

Anyway I did make it out of bed and onto the couch and I’m sure Ivy won’t mind topping up her screen time by watching some Netflix with me.

She loves wearing that toque with built in headphones while she’s on the iPad, and she will only ever play on the iPad in bed, usually with her door shut. Works for me.

Also, she’s been wearing those pajamas since Monday evening. She even wore them to swimming lessons. That’s how we roll. 

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2 thoughts on “What she said.

  1. Christine D says:

    A few comments here… first, it really sucks that you’re feeling so sick! Being sick while still having to be a mom is always hard! 😦

    Next, popcorn for supper would be AWESOME! I actually still remember once when my mom gave us popcorn for supper growing up. I obviously still talk about it! So you’re creating memories. Do it!

    And 3rd, a toque with built in headphones?? Do they still have the cord hanging out at the bottom of the toque? It sounds like it would be awkward to put on.

    Oh, and final comment – normally I just read your blog through my email, which is what I first did but then since I just had to comment on the popcorn, I came over to your web version, and it’s different! There are 2 whole little sections that you wrote that weren’t in my email copy! (E.g. Ivy making all the paper food wasn’t in my email at all) makes me wonder if that has happened before too!

    • Nikki says:

      Christine you win longest comment of all time! The toque is basically like a toque with a cord- it’s way easier for Ivy than regular old headphones or ear buds. Just slip it on and plug it in! Re: difference in email vs web- I “published” my post but then a few minutes later decided to add some stuff, so that’s what happened there! Thanks for reading!!!

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