Okay so how is it December 23rd already? I’m just not sure how this happened.

It’s been a hundred below zero basically all month, so you would think the month would drag slowly by, but it hasn’t. Here it is, Christmas Eve eve already.

In the midst of our freezing, the kids have been reminiscing a lot about Mexico. I don’t blame them. Ben drew me this picture of me and an iguana in Mexico. The stairs beside us are the stairs to the all-you-can-eat buffet, Ben’s favorite part of Mexico. Mine too, maybe.

IMG_7199Oliver was suggesting we all fly down to Mexico to get warm. I told him it was a brilliant idea, but that it costs a whole lot of money to go to Mexico, and therefore we probably wouldn’t be going again for a few years. He kindly offered me “one money” from his piggybank. So generous, but not quite good enough unfortunately.

I’ve been distracting myself from the cold by keeping busy getting ready for Christmas. I’ve sewed jammie pants and shirts for each of the kids and I’m so excited to give them to them tomorrow evening!

IMG_7160 IMG_7161

I sewed Ben some slipper’s too. I used Made by Rae’s tutorial, and they came together quickly and easily. I know Ben’s gonna love them! We got him a super cozy housecoat too. Ben loves being cozy and warm!


I sewed my niece and nephew some animal tails, because animal tails are so cute and so fun!


Ivy and I went shopping at Pine Ridge Hollow one evening. We polished off the rest of the Christmas shopping and found some great deals. She only threw one tantrum in the 30 minutes we were there, so a really good shopping trip for her.


I managed to get some sugar cookies made this year. They turned out great and I can’t wait to bring some to my neighbors’ tomorrow.


I yarn-bombed our antlers. They’re so much cooler than they used to be now. Oliver loves them and was super-impressed with my crafting skills.


A few of us have been sick with a weird flu over the last few days, but I think we’re mostly over it. I’m hoping the 50% of the family who didn’t get sick stay healthy, at least until Christmas is over! Last week Ivy puked on me so unexpectedly and so badly- I had puke all throughout my hair, down my jacket, into my shirt, and she had it all over herself. This was, of course, 3 minutes before we had to leave home to pick kids up from preschool. I had to wipe my hair down with a paper towel, tie it in a literally “messy” bun, and head out the door. I left Ivy and my clothes in a puke-y pile in our hallway until I got home to deal with it. Super. Duper. Gross. Ivy is feeling better now, breastfeeding her baby on the toilet (I had to snap a picture because it was so funny to me as I’ve breastfed babies on the toilet countless times!).


Today we decorated the kids’ chalkboard for Christmas. Ivy picked out her own clothes this morning. I didn’t fight her on it, only because her buns are too darn cute in that bathing suit.


Yesterday Ivy was driving me bananas. She is sort of a stalker to me, and doesn’t give me much “alone time” and I just really could have used a break from her. I snapped at her, “IVY! I am going to SELL you!” To which she just haughtily retorted, “NO!” But then the cutest thing was when little Oliver gently and quietly said, “No! Don’t sell her! I wuv Ivy!” I seriously just about melted on the spot. Later Neil asked him if we should sell anyone and Oliver told us no, he wuvved our whole famiwy. We were pretty touched by his sentiment, especially since, as Neil pointed out, you would never know he loved Ivy.


And just because it’s funny, here’s a picture of Ivy bursting out of her favorite hiding spot: behind the sheer curtains.


So I’m off to work one more shift this evening, and tomorrow’s Christmas Eve. We’ll go to church, and get some food, and cuddle up in new jammies, and wait for Santa to come. I can’t wait!

And just to get you in the festive spirit, a picture Ben did in a doodle book. I love how he drew Santa’s face. Ho ho ho!

IMG_6916The teeth!



Christmas for the grandparents.

I had a lot of fun making gifts for the kids’ grandparents this Christmas.
I made photo books, because what grandparent doesn’t love pictures of their grandchildren?


Besides photos of my littles, I included pictures recently drawn by my budding artists.



But the BEST part of the books (in my opinion) are the interviews I did with each of the children (well, besides Ivy). I asked each kid the same questions and reading and comparing their answers is really pretty sweet, and sometimes hilarious.


I LOVE the books and am wondering a little why I didn’t order myself a copy while I was at it? I’ll have to include the interviews in one of my own future photo books, and I am planning to share the questions, and their answers, with you in future posts. They’re just too good not to share.

If you’re wondering, I used Mixbook for the project. I’ve used many many MANY photo book sites and I like most of them. The thing I liked about Mixbook for this particular project, though, was that it was super simple to change layouts to exactly how I wanted them- they are so completely adjustable and easy to personalize. There are millions of stickers, frames, etc, that you can add too, if you so wish, but I kept it clean and simple, like I usually do for photo books! It makes the pictures and words pop more, if you ask me! (Plus, easier!).

Merry Christmas grandparents! Our kids really are lucky to have all of you!

Crafting for Christmas :: Necklaces for sisters.

I really wanted to get my nieces necklaces for Christmas. Big sister, middle sister, little sister ones. But I just couldn’t find what I was looking for. Well, I could if I had loads of extra cash. The stuff I could afford, though, was unfortunately very tacky or only included “big sister” and “little sister” but no “middle sister”. So what’s an Aunty to do, except make some necklaces from scratch.

I saw a glass tile pendant on Pinterest and thought it looked simple enough. I ordered my supplies (cheap!) and they came in the mail months ago. Unfortunately I then lost all inspiration and was completely lost about how to tackle this project.

When the kids were away for the weekend, I was suddenly filled with creativity and inspiration. I gathered my supplies- glass tiles, glue, paper, and stickers.


I got to work and proclaimed myself a creative genius.



And…..they turned out exactly how I wanted them to. They’re not perfect, but they’re close enough for me!


I actually ended up having a lot of fun making these; it was something completely different for me.




Let’s hope the little girlies do too!


What I’m working on…

I’ve got a few things on the go right now.

I’m working on a quilt for Ivy for Christmas. Cutting out lots of squares. Need more fabrics to fill in some blanks, and then I can start sewing them together. I can’t wait!

Making some jammies for the kids out of some old flannel sheets.

Trying to get a year’s worth of blog posts printed in book form again.

Hopefully I can manage to get all of these projects (and more) done before Christmas.

It’s somebody’s birthday.

I mean, it WAS somebody’s birthday. I meant for this post to go up yesterday, but I must have forgot to press a button or something. Oh well, better late than never…

Sometimes it’s hard to get four kids to co-operate, even if they do love their grammy.

But by golly they’re cute.

So to grandmother’s house we go, to celebrate with waffles and lemon meringue pie. There will be presents and there will be candles, just like she likes. Happy birthday Mom! Love you!!

Also, completely unrelated, I started making hair accessories. It’s so easy, and so fun, and I can see that I could easily develop a problem. A hair-accessory-making-obssession problem. I’ll try to take it slow. But it’s hard.

Sorry Oliver, but thanks for modeling girly things for me. Again.


Seth and Ben both needed to bring Valentines to school this year. Last year we made pirate valentines, but I wasn’t feeling as ambitious this year. We went with an idea I’ve seen floating around the internet since last valentines day. This year it feels like it’s on every other crafty blog, so I’m sure you’ve seen it before, but that’s okay. I was a little worried every other kid would be doing this too, but Ben’s valentine’s party was yesterday and no one in his class did, so maybe we’ll be okay. And even if 10 other kids in Seth’s class do the same thing, I’m sure there’s won’t be as cute as his. That’s a pretty cute face, right? Ben’s are pretty darn cute, too.
It took a lot of work to get that cute smile out of Ben- he was in a pretty scowly mood when we did these pictures.
These valentines were quick and easy to make, and I love how they turned out.
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


I’ve been eyeing up some lovely wreaths floating around the interweb for awhile now.
And yesterday I made one!

It was so easy and I love how it turned out. Now I need to pick up some pumpkins to decorate our steps outside and we’ll be all set for fall.
If you’re inside looking out you can see this:

Do you see it? SOD!!!
The guys are coming to lay it today. Can’t. Wait.
Happy fall!