Oliver :: Seven

On Sunday we celebrated Oliver’s seventh birthday, Captain Underpants style. I made capes for the kids, Oliver drew a big Tippy Tinkletrousers on our chalkboard, and my good old pinata-making brother-in-law made a gitch pinata. Oliver REALLY wanted an underpants pinata, and, not-surprisingly, those don’t seem to be readily available at the party store. Uncle Adam to the rescue! The kids thought it was the absolute best. It was hanging out on the deck, and every new kid that arrived got taken straight outside- “come see Oliver’s pinata! It’s hilarious!” It was perfect. It always does my heart good to see my little introvert surrounded by all his friends, who, judging by their birthday cards, really seem to get him and his sense of humor. It was such a great day.


Oliver had so much fun and received so many great presents- art supplies, lego, and books. I love how excited kids get to give their gifts. Oliver read every card and all the kids were cracking up at some of them.


Did you notice- there were GIRLS at Oliver’s party! So fun to have a mix at a birthday and I think this may have been our first every birthday party where the guest list wasn’t comprised solely of boys. One of the girls even wrote “love you he he” on her card for Oliver. Neil and I had a good little chuckle. These lovely children ate the Captain Underpants cake almost all up, an then had a great time whacking at the very-heavy-duty pinata. It was so much fun.


We ended the day off with a quick trip to the ER for Ben, who cut his foot on a sharp rock and needed four stitches. He didn’t cry even once, and really didn’t even waiver from his usual happy face, throughout it all. He even watched the doctor put the local aneasthetic in his gaping wound with hardly more than a mild teeth-clenching. I was super proud of him. Honestly I think he was just enjoying all the extra screen-time.

Yesterday we skipped school to hang out for Oliver’s birthday. We were planning to head to the Narcisse snake pits but the weather screwed up those plans. Neil took the afternoon off work and took the boys to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 instead. Oliver played with his lego and puzzles and pile of new Captain Underpants books. He had a great birthday. I can’t believe he’s seven now. I feel like he might always be my baby. He’s my boy baby and Ivy’s my girl baby, although since Ivy is often more independent I probably consider Oliver more of my baby than I do her.

He’s such an amazing kid, my Oliver. His mind works in such an incredible way. He still spends almost every waking minute drawing or writing at the table, although now that he is a reader, he can be found curled up with a book fairly often too. He’s not much of an outside kid, but lately I’ve been convincing him to go outside just to sit on the deck and read. He’s also finally mastered the bike, and is very happy to go biking whenever he can. I’m so happy he’s got the hang of it!

He’s still planning to be an author when he grows up, but he’s also leaning heavily to being a massage therapist too. He is very interested in massage therapy and is always offering to give massages (of course he loves to receive too!). He has designed a logo for his own massage place (msos dot com- “massage” is a tricky word to spell!). He has made us countless gift certificates for free massages although he recently started charging 50 cents a session. He can give a pretty good massage but be warned- he WILL massage your buns when you least expect it!

Oliver’s tender heart is my favorite thing, although it leaves my heart on edge so much- just worrying over his heart. Neil and I definitely don’t worry about our other kids the same way we worry over Oliver. He’s so sensitive and gentle, and I just never want to see him hurt. He would never, and honestly HAS NEVER, hurt anyone on purpose. Never. I’ve basically never had to discipline him for anything. He would just never do anything to offend or hurt anyone. He’s just the sweetest child and I feel like my heart could just burst open I love him so much.

Anyway, happy birthday my dear Oliver. Being your mother makes me the luckiest person ever.


ps when Oliver turned onetwo, threefourfivesix! And just for fun, his birth story (it’s a good one!).


Oliver’s drawings.

I feel like Oliver’s been drawing basically nonstop since he could hold a pencil. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the first thing he does when he wakes up is reach for a paper and pencil, and it’s usually the last thing he puts away at the end of the day too. He fills every spare minute he can with drawing, and I just love his work! He crams so much amazing detail into every drawing he does. Lately he’s been adding a lot of misspelled words, too, which I love. He does his six year old best. 

These are a few of my favourites from the last couple days:

He’s been reading Dog Man all week and he just loves it. He ordered one off Amazon (with his mom’s help of course) and read it in a day, and now he’s reading one of Ben’s. He still reads solely out loud, stumbling along and asking for help when he doesn’t know the word, or just skipping or making up the words.  I just love it. At the end of the book there’s a “how to draw dog man” section and Oliver clearly aced that lesson. I posted one of those pictures on IG and the author of the book left a comment- so cool for Oliver (and me too!).

Those are Oliver’s mock up logos for a BMX shop. He’s a leftie so he occasionally writes his letters in reverse. I told him he may have a career in graphic design/branding.

That little guy at the end of the first line of that comic strip just kills me.

That pose! That’s A.B. Pronounced “Abby”, like “abs”- like a six pack who’s a guy. 

Here’s another picture of “Ab Man” and his “Abby Sidekicks”. I die. (Still working on getting “b”s and “d”s straight when writing.)

The “ab-y sidekicks” are actually just little six packs with arms and legs!! His imagination runs deep, that’s for sure.

And this last picture is just a school project, but I still love it.

I love that the things that make him lucky are 1) his pets 2) his family 3) his home and 4) fruit. Oliver lives for bananas. If we are out of bananas, life is not complete, so it’s only fitting that he drew a bowl of fruit. 

Oliver is starting art classes in a couple of weeks and I’m really excited to see how that goes. He’ll be learning all kinds of new mediums and I’m curious to see if he’ll like them, or if he’ll just want to stick to good old paper and pencil. Either way I really can’t wait to see what he creates.

Oliver :: Six.

Well, the littlest boy turned six last weekend. We celebrated on Saturday with his first-ever school friends birthday party. I was so excited to meet Oliver’s friends, and all of the rsvp’s were from moms telling me that their kids were sooooo excited to come to Oliver’s birthday party. One of the kids even tried to convince his mom that the party was earlier than it actually was. I told her to just bring him over early anyway if he was that excited, and so she did.

All Oliver wanted for his birthday was Minion stuff. Minion everything! And a candy table. He reallllly wanted a candy table. And he told allllll the kids at school he would have a candy table. I feel like this may have contributed to the overall excitement level with his friends. So we whipped together a super simple birthday party. A yellow cake with some minion toys on top, a minion tattoo station, pin the eye on the minion, and of course, a candy table. I even made some Minion eye photo props just for fun the morning of the party. We went to Bulk Barn and tried to pick yellow candies or candies that minions might like, and then I let the kids fill their own treat bags. Seth and Ben were really excited about Oliver’s party too, and took charge of things like the tattoos and some outside games. Neil and I pretty much sat around and watched while they ran the show. Pretty awesome.

It was a beautiful warm and sunny day out, so kids jumped on trampolines and played Ollie Ollie Octopus and kicked a soccer ball around. Nothing beats being able to play in the backyard for a birthday!


Oliver had so much fun with his friends, and I think they had so much fun too. While they were eating cake, one of the kids said, “This is the best day of my life.” I mean, melt. This was the first year Oliver knew how to blow out candles, so that was exciting! Look at that sweet face!

It was such a great day celebrating our amazing kid. Happy birthday Oliver! We love you!


Thursday mornings with Oliver.

Because of Oliver’s kindergarten schedule, a couple times a month it works out that Ivy is in preschool and Oliver is at home. The very first time it happened, we planned a date. Now Oliver has decided we would always have a date when Ivy is in school, and so we have. As soon as I get back in the van after dropping her off, Oliver says, “And now we’re on our date!”

We usually just go to Tim Horton’s for a donut and an apple juice, but sometimes he asks to go get a giant cinnamon bun at Pineridge Hollow, and I never say no to that! He says Tim Horton’s is our regular date, and he does look like a little regular when we go now. He opens the doors for me, inspects and chooses a donut, and then proceeds to sit down in one of our two regular places, either by the fireplace or in a booth. The fireplace is our favorite spot, obviously.

Then we come home and hang out together. It’s really nice getting to spend some one-on-one time with a middle kid, who’s barely ever had a parent to himself since birth.


It makes me wish I could do more dates with Seth and Ben, but that feels almost impossible.

Today we came home for a little cuddle and some selfies, because Oliver’s cute face and messy hair needed to be documented. But why am I getting so old looking? #concerning

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Oliver tripped over Seth and landed on his chin on the hardwoods last night. He was crying super hard and I was all, “get over it”, until we noticed the bruise.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Sometimes I’m not the best at parenting.

But he survived, and it’s all good. When Ivy is done preschool we’re going to head to Ikea for lunch with a friend, where we also take advantage of the free childcare.

My back is super sore, probably from hunching over a sewing machine making the Christmas jammies, but I must carry on. I have to take advantage of the one-kid quietness that is going on, and churn out at least another pajama top. Bathrooms are starting to frighten me and need to be cleaned in a bad way. My mother-in-law will be here this afternoon, so this is a chore that is not optional today.

But before I get to it, another kiss and hug for my little boyfriend. I love you Oliver, seriously.

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Kindergarten for Oliver.

Yesterday was Oliver’s first full day of kindergarten. I couldn’t help but feel super sentimental about the other boys’ first days too. It feels kind of big to be having three whole kids in school.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

When Seth started kindergarten, there were only a few families living on our street, and there was only a handful of kids taking the bus. It feels like a million years ago and yesterday at the same time. Same with Ben, a million years ago.

And now I’ve put my third son on that bus. And still cried. You guys, putting your little five year old on a big bus, even when he’s so excited to go, and has his big brothers there to help him out, it’s just hard! You can’t help but get a big ol’ uncomfortable lump in your throat.

Oliver gets on the bus.

So I cried, even though I was so excited for him too, and excited for Ivy and I to have a girls day, and excited for myself to not have to deal with scrapping children all day. We walked home, and it felt weird, just having one kid around. Weird, and nice. And quiet. Weird, and nice, and quiet.

We met Oliver at the bus after school, and when the bus doors opened, there he was, with a big happy smile on his face.

He hopped off the bus and proceeded to give me basically no details regarding his day, except that he liked it.

He came home and went straight to the kitchen table where he colored and drew until supper time, per usual.

And now we start a new reality, where I spend every other day with just one single kid. That’s something I haven’t done since Ben was born 7 1/2 years ago. The thing about having kids is, it’s like you’re desperate for them to grow up enough to not need you so much, to give you some space, just so you can have a bit of your own life back. But then it starts happening and you realize you really don’t want that after all, and you beg them to stay small and keep needing you so completely.

Today I’ve got Oliver at home again today, and it feels more normal. I’ve got some chores to do around the house, chores I’ve been shirking since July, and I really need to do

Oliver says.

Ever since Oliver started talking, he’s had an extensive vocabulary and come up with the craziest one liners. He never fails to crack us up or leave us shaking our heads wondering where he even comes up with this stuff!


The other day while he was getting dressed (which is like a 40 minute process, by the way), I noticed his underwear were looking really snug. Possibly because they’re size 2/3 and he’s 5. Maybe.

I said, “I think you need some new gitch, Oliver.”

And he replied, “Whaaa! How dare you doubt my gitch!?”

I couldn’t do anything except laugh. And leave him be in his tiny gitches.


This morning we were having a snuggle and I was telling him how it was only about a month until he started school, and what was I even going to do without him, I was going to miss him.

And he said, “But just, here comes the best time of my life!”

Well you can’t argue with that positive approach to school. He’s so excited to start kindergarten, I can’t help but be excited for him too. He wanted to pack his backpack up as soon as he got his letter from his teacher at the beginning of the month. When I told him he could bring his quilt I made him to use for quiet time at school, he told me he loved me more than he ever has. Simple things like that make Oliver extremely happy.


I’m happy he’s happy.

Oliver’s first soccer season: a smashing success.

Although we try our hardest to discourage our children from any extra-curricular activities, sometimes they just really want to do something, and then we have to just suck it up and go to soccer FOUR NIGHTS A WEEK while we count our blessings that Ben didn’t want to play this season.

That being said, it really wasn’t that bad. It’s only an hour, most of the games were here in Oakbank, and Seth and Oliver loved playing soccer. This was Oliver’s first year ever, and honestly, we had no idea how it would go. Neil reminded me that we’d never really seen Oliver run before, as Oliver’s default setting is relaxed, or, some may say, slow.

He went full guns into his soccer season though, and didn’t stop running once. I’m not gonna say he kicked the ball a lot, because that wouldn’t be true, but he sure did run. He ran around and around, back and forth, to his team and to the opposing team, often stopping to do some random dance moves or occasionally discuss strategy with a team mate. He wore a perma-grin through every single game, rain or shine. I could not be happier that he was so happy.

IMG_1275 IMG_1204

His last game was on Monday and his little orange team kicked some serious butt. Oliver even scored a goal! His first ever! However inadvertent it may have been, he was sure proud of himself and we were sure proud of him too.

IMG_1361 IMG_1366

I’m half happy, half sad that soccer season is over. We had a great spring, and lucky for us, Ben and Ivy want to play next year too! So I guess we’ll be up to eight nights of soccer a week or something like that… Can’t wait!