38 weeks.

Here we are at 38 weeks.
Seth was born at 38 weeks on the nose.
Benjamin was born at 38 weeks plus one day.
Oliver was born at 38 weeks plus two days.
So obviously the only logical thing to assume is that this baby will be born in three days.
Because babies always come exactly when they are expected, right?
Okay, obviously they don’t. They come whenever the heck they want to.
Hopefully that’s in 3 days, but at the most she’ll be here in 3 1/2 weeks or so, right?
I’m trying to be patient about this baby’s imminent arrival. I’ve had some rough evenings and sleepless nights, but mostly I feel pretty good and I’ve had some good sleeps too. I can’t really complain.
So I’ll keep waiting and hoping.
And either way, it won’t be long.


36 1/2 weeks.

Whoah. Almost there.
I have to say that being pregnant over Christmas is not conducive to healthy weight gain. I gained the most per week over the last few weeks, and I blame it on the Christmas baking. And my lack of self-control regarding said baking. Ah well, to heck with it now.
I have to admit, I haven’t been feeling all that great over the last few weeks. Especially over Christmas, I had a lot of really painful braxton hicks. A couple times I thought we might be heading to the hospital. And then just like that they stopped. I guess the busy-ness of Christmas just wasn’t all that great for this pregnant lady. Now that Christmas is over, I’ve been feeling a lot better and seem to have a bit more energy again. I’ve been feeling pretty nest-y, and we’ve been working hard getting the baby and Oliver’s room painted and ready. It is looking so great. I can’t wait to share some pictures, but we have a couple more little things to get done before the big reveal. On today’s list of things to do- sew a new rocking chair cushion cover.
I’m feeling much more ready to have this baby, although little nigglings of terror still come at me from time to time. I’m not afraid of the whole birth process, just afraid of what comes after. But after washing up some very sweet little sleepers and pink little socks, I’m getting pretty excited. I really can’t wait to meet her, see what she looks like, and tell everyone her name.
I’m also excited to wear shirts that will actually cover my belly. I must have grown exponentially over the holidays, because all of a sudden there is just nothing to wear anymore. Neil and I went shopping the other evening and I swear, everyone did a double take when I walked by. I think everyone was expecting my water to break at any second or something. I don’t blame them, even I did a double take when I saw my reflection in a store window. There’s nothing small about this belly anymore…

34 weeks.

34 down. 6 to go. More or less.
I’ve actually felt pretty good the last week or so. I’ve gotten a lot of stuff done and feel a little more relaxed about everything. I think not working is so much better than working. Wow, I admire you ladies who work up to your due date or anywhere near it. Or I think you’re crazy, maybe. Anyway, mostly all good around here. Still back pain every day, and more discomforts, but nothing too bad. I think I’d still rather be pregnant than not, so that’s good. Although only because this baby is much easier to take care of in than out.
I thought we had finally figured out a middle name. It was sort of weird, but I really liked it, and I thought you would too, once you gave it a minute. But after a day of really liking it and getting me set on it, Neil decided he doesn’t like it after all. I think this baby will probably have no middle name at all. You’d think after all these boys that we would have gazillions of girl names just waiting to be used, but no such luck. We still have a few weeks, so we’ll see if we can come up with anything, but I don’t think it’s promising. Any suggestions? I kind of want it to have one syllable. Or three. But not two. Or maybe two? Anyway, feel free to leave your suggestions for a middle name in the comments. But not Claudette, Claudette. Sorry, Mom, it’s just not going to happen.
Christmas is only 6 sleeps away, and although I’m super excited for Christmas (super super excited!), I’m kind of looking forward to it being over so I can just finish getting ready for this babkins and not worry about anything holiday related. Here’s what I’ve got on my to-do-before-baby list:
Sew 4 swaddling blankets
Sew curtains
Paint baby’s room (walls and ceiling)
Paint a chalkboard on baby’s wall
(First, make my own chalkboard paint. I saw it on Pinterest.)
Change baby’s room light fixture
(First, buy a new light fixture)
Redo baby’s lamp shade
Hang some pictures in baby’s room
(First, buy some frames for said pictures)
Oh dear, now that I’ve put that in typing, it seems like kind of a long list. I hope I can do it though, I really want that baby’s room looking awesome. Even though I know she most likely won’t be sleeping in it for awhile. Thankfully I have a great husband and I’m pretty sure he will help me paint and change light fixtures, even if only because I’m so pregnant that he’d feel like a jerk if he made me do it by myself. Hey, whatever works.
The countdown is on!

32 weeks and a little anxiety.

Today I am 32 weeks pregnant. THIRTY TWO!!! Where have the weeks gone?!
I’m pretty much done with work, which is nice. I’m fairly exhausted all the time. Turns out having three small kids, a puppy, and being heavily pregnant is sort of tiring.
I’m getting a bit freaked out about having a newborn again. I’m scared of the sleepless nights and the hundreds of diaper changes and the spit up and the whole high-needs thing that babies have going on. I have been getting pretty comfortable with going out when I want to in the evenings and not having to tote a newborn all over the place.
I’m excited though. Excited to meet this little girl and see what a Moran girl will even look like. Excited to dress her in some of the cute little sleepers and socks we have for her. Really excited to see her big brothers’ reactions to her. I know they’re going to love her. They already do, coming and saying hi to “Peachy” and kissing my belly from time to time.
It’ll all be good, right?

30 weeks and 18 months.

Today I had my 30 week prenatal appointment and Oliver had his 18 month check up. I love having a family doctor so we can just go together to the same doctor. So much easier than an OB and a pediatrician.
Me first. All good. Baby’s growing. I’m measuring 28 weeks. So take that, sister-who-keeps-saying-how-big-I-am. I mostly feel good besides back pain that presents itself every day and is at times almost debilitating. It is pretty bad. But there’s worse things in life, I guess, so I’ll try not to complain. I can’t believe I’m at 30 weeks already and that this little lady will be considered term in a mere 7 weeks. Trying hard not to let that stress me out too much, but with Christmas just around the corner, it’s hard. I’m almost done work though, so that will help. It’s exciting though, no matter how stressful.

Oliver is growing too. He jumped from the 25% for weight to the 30% and is currently almost 25 pounds. He didn’t flinch for either of his booster shots, and lay contentedly while the doctor checked him over from head to toe.
The doctor did hear a heart murmur today when she listened to Oliver, and this is something new and slightly weird, I guess. I’m not worrying about it because Oliver is clearly a healthy, active baby. We will wait and see what the echocardiogram says, but I am pretty sure that it will be something benign. Whatever happens, happens. God has his hands on our family, and I am confident in His ability to take care of us. Unrelated, how did Oliver get to be 18 months old? So big, so fast. Love that little man.

27 weeks.

Today I am 27 weeks. I think that means just one more week until I’m in the third and final trimester of this pregnancy. That went fast. Although time seems like it’s slowing down now. Maybe it’s because I’m ginormous now.

It’s hard to imagine that three more months of growth are going to happen. Although I think I always “pop” at this point and then kind of stay at the same place for the last couple months, and I don’t usually gain as much weight in the last trimester as the second. Hopefully that holds true for this time around too, because it’s not easy carrying around a medicine ball all day. I’m definitely starting to run out of that 2nd trimester energy and have been finding it hard to stay up past 8:30 a lot of nights. Oh well, a good nights’ sleep never killed anyone!
Happy Halloween to everyone, too. We’re taking a couple ghosts and a baby shark out trick-or-treating tonight and they sure are excited! Me too, because three little trick-or-treaters should equal plenty of candy for a pregnant mama…

24 1/2 weeks.

I’ve found my new uniform.

Neil’s t-shirt and paint-stained tights. So hot, right? Neil looked less than thrilled when he came home today. I swear I started out in actual clothes this morning, but they were just so uncomfortable. I’m feeling pregnant now and remembering what it’s like to be carrying around a bunch of extra weight all the time. I think I gained 5 pounds over Thanksgiving.

All of a sudden that belly looks pretty big to me considering I’ve still got three+ months to go.
I’m starting to think about decorating the baby and Oliver’s room (they will be sharing) and am gathering up ideas and inspiration over at Pinterest. I guess I better get on it since the fall is already flying by, Christmas will be here before we know it, and then very shortly after that our daughter will be here.
Oliver wanted to get in on the photo shoot…