Balloon Fold Dress!

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to be participating in Madeit Fashion Week today! Fashion Week is a virtual fashion show for kids showcasing the Fold|2 collection of patterns from Madeit Patterns.

Madeit Fashion Week side bar graphic

Ivy is even more excited than me about this, I’m sure, because that girl likes to strike a pose like you wouldn’t believe. I don’t even know where she comes up with half the things she does.


Besides sewing one of Needle and Ted’s fall pattern releases from their Fold|2 collection, all of us fashion show participants were asked to incorporate origami into our photo somehow. I tell you, nothing has given me such anxiety. Paper crafts are not my forté. I was seriously sweating over this. And then, at the last minute, it came together. People, I MADE that bow in Ivy’s hair. Out of PAPER. I mean, I’m proud of myself. Not only did it not fall apart, but Ivy actually wanted to wear it! Without being bribed! I call it a huge success and pat myself firmly on the back. Except, I’m sad the paper is so bright and reflective. It looks so shiny in the pictures and you can barely see it’s paper.


Okay, moving on from paper, and onto sewing, where I feel much more at ease. I sewed the Balloon Fold Dress, and I just love it! Besides the fact that my regular sewing machine AND my serger both picked were completely non-cooperative, this dress was a super quick and easy sew and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Ivy has asked to wear it every day since I finished it, so that makes me even happier.



I used the lovely Art Gallery Fabric knits in their gorgeous solids and I love the simplicity of it. The knit is so soft with just the right amount of stretch, it’s no wonder Ivy doesn’t want to take it off. You can grab the fabrics I used plus a whole lot more in my shop, of course! I like the solids together soooo much, but how much fun would a couple fun prints be mixed together?


Also, I love a good racerback. Like so much. Seriously, my favorite. I feel like I can’t overemphasize how much I love racerbacks. They’re my jam, people. My sweet, sweet jam.


And the balloon on this dress. The bounce! It’s just too much cute. If your sewing machine doesn’t eat your hem like mine did, this dress is actually a super versatile three-in-one. You can wear it long, tucked under like Ivy is, or even tucked over, for a skirt and top kind of look. Ivy was fairly insistent on a floor length gown, but as soon as she tried this dress on, she decided immediately that she loved it just as it was, and there was no need to change it. I haven’t shown her the other options, because I’m too in love with this style!



There are so many other great patterns in the Fold|2 Collection- you really need to check them out. I love the options there are for boys wear. Pants intimidate the pants off of me, but the t-shirts look like so much fun. I’d love to make one for my boys using some of my husband’s old t-shirts.


This week you can save 20% on all the patterns, which is awesome. Even awesomer, Needle and Ted is giving away a pattern a day all week! To win, all you have to do is head over to Needle and Ted’s Facebook or Instagram page, and answer a simple question about the fashion show. Easy peasy.

20% OFF Madeit patterns

Nosh is also giving away three 50 Euro gift certificates during the course of this week! All you have to do to win if head over to Needle and Ted’s blog on the final day of the pattern tour (September 6th) and leave a comment about what was your favorite part of Fashion Week. You get another chance to win by following along on IG and watching for the prompt. Nothing easier. Why shouldn’t you win? Someone has to, and I really feel like it should be you.


One of us sewers gets to win a voucher for Nosh too. Needle and Ted is judging based on origami creativity, so I’m quite confident I’ll win. Or something. But, if you like my origami head gear, I’d love it if you’d leave a comment here or on my Instagram! Help me win and I’ll love you forever!

Make sure you check out all the other amazing bloggers who are participating in Fashion Week with me. I’m really so excited to be participating in this with some of my favorite sewers and bloggers.

Here’s the rundown of everyone who’s participating:

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thursday 3 September

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Friday 4 September

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Saturday 5 September

Made by Toya My Cosy Co Paisley Roots Diorella Fruits de Mère

Sunday 6 September

Round Up and Reviews: Needle and Ted Climbing the Willow Swoodson says

Do go check them out! There’s been some amazing stuff sewn up, and some pretty impressive origami skills showcased, as well. Guys, do you do origami? It’s so much harder than I realized!

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom, and make sure you go enter to win a free pattern and voucher! My fingers are crossed for you!



A hummingbird dress.

I got a new load of Cotton and Steel fabrics in over at Seam Allowance, and I just had to sew a dress for Ivy. She loved the lilac XOXO, and I was suuuuuper happy when she picked some pink apples to go with it. Apparently she has a good eye for fabric combos already.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

This was the third hummingbird dress I’ve made, but it was the first time I added ruffles to the straps. I’m not personally a ruffly kind of girl, but yeesh do I ever LOVE them on this dress.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

When I pulled the dress off of my machine and put Ivy into it, she quickly ran to check herself out in the full length mirror. After seeing herself, she whipped back around and ran full force into my arms yelling “THANK YOU MAMA!’

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

I call it a huge success.

If you’re looking to sew a dress, I really recommend this pattern. It sews up fairly quickly and with such great results. The pattern comes in size 1-12 and with a few different options to plain it down or fancy it up, so you can get a tonne of use out of it. One of my current favorites for sure!

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Ben designs a hoodie.

Like two years ago I pinned this awesome t-shirt tutorial by Petit A Petit and Family, with great intentions of making one for my kids. But unlike most things I’ve pinned, I actually made it! Yes, it took years, but hey, it got done.

Ben drew me a picture, and I made it into a hoodie.


I made the shirt part of the hoodie using the Tee for Two pattern by Patterns by Figgy. I could not find a link to that pattern- maybe they don’t sell it anymore? It’s also found in the book Sewing for Boys. I used the size 6/7 and just kind of widened everything so it would fit more like a sweatshirt and less like a skinny tee. I’m not a pattern drafter or anything, though, so I ended up with a super wide neck at the end of it all. Next time I try a trick like that I’ll make sure I stay away from all neck parts. I was a little at a loss what to do. I tried using some super stretchy ribbing and just making the sweatshirt fit into the neckband but after two tries, I realized it was not going to happen. It just left the sweatshirt with too many puckers, plus I didn’t like the color of ribbing I had anyway, so I had to come up with a plan B. Thankfully I had an old grey hoodie hanging out in my sewing stash and with a little cutting and a little sewing, the cuffs and hood got a new life. The neck still ended up being wider than I wanted; I should have overlapped the hood a bit more in the front, but it works, and Ben loves it, so I’m happy. I’m actually very happy with the overall fit of the hoodie. It’s not too big or baggy, but has just enough room to be the right amount of cozy and comfy. Just what I wanted.





Clearly Ben loves a good photo shoot.

Did you notice? Ben lost his first tooth a couple of weeks ago! That’s big stuff, people.


I may have to put Ben to work as a fashion designer more often, I think. This was such a fun sewing project, and I’d love to make one for Seth, but I’m intimidated by his ultra-detailed tiny drawings of dragons and warriors and various weapons. Oliver’s drawings would be perfect (and simple!) on a shirt, so I might have to get on that for summer. Maybe I’ll try a muscle tee or something.


Okay so how is it December 23rd already? I’m just not sure how this happened.

It’s been a hundred below zero basically all month, so you would think the month would drag slowly by, but it hasn’t. Here it is, Christmas Eve eve already.

In the midst of our freezing, the kids have been reminiscing a lot about Mexico. I don’t blame them. Ben drew me this picture of me and an iguana in Mexico. The stairs beside us are the stairs to the all-you-can-eat buffet, Ben’s favorite part of Mexico. Mine too, maybe.

IMG_7199Oliver was suggesting we all fly down to Mexico to get warm. I told him it was a brilliant idea, but that it costs a whole lot of money to go to Mexico, and therefore we probably wouldn’t be going again for a few years. He kindly offered me “one money” from his piggybank. So generous, but not quite good enough unfortunately.

I’ve been distracting myself from the cold by keeping busy getting ready for Christmas. I’ve sewed jammie pants and shirts for each of the kids and I’m so excited to give them to them tomorrow evening!

IMG_7160 IMG_7161

I sewed Ben some slipper’s too. I used Made by Rae’s tutorial, and they came together quickly and easily. I know Ben’s gonna love them! We got him a super cozy housecoat too. Ben loves being cozy and warm!


I sewed my niece and nephew some animal tails, because animal tails are so cute and so fun!


Ivy and I went shopping at Pine Ridge Hollow one evening. We polished off the rest of the Christmas shopping and found some great deals. She only threw one tantrum in the 30 minutes we were there, so a really good shopping trip for her.


I managed to get some sugar cookies made this year. They turned out great and I can’t wait to bring some to my neighbors’ tomorrow.


I yarn-bombed our antlers. They’re so much cooler than they used to be now. Oliver loves them and was super-impressed with my crafting skills.


A few of us have been sick with a weird flu over the last few days, but I think we’re mostly over it. I’m hoping the 50% of the family who didn’t get sick stay healthy, at least until Christmas is over! Last week Ivy puked on me so unexpectedly and so badly- I had puke all throughout my hair, down my jacket, into my shirt, and she had it all over herself. This was, of course, 3 minutes before we had to leave home to pick kids up from preschool. I had to wipe my hair down with a paper towel, tie it in a literally “messy” bun, and head out the door. I left Ivy and my clothes in a puke-y pile in our hallway until I got home to deal with it. Super. Duper. Gross. Ivy is feeling better now, breastfeeding her baby on the toilet (I had to snap a picture because it was so funny to me as I’ve breastfed babies on the toilet countless times!).


Today we decorated the kids’ chalkboard for Christmas. Ivy picked out her own clothes this morning. I didn’t fight her on it, only because her buns are too darn cute in that bathing suit.


Yesterday Ivy was driving me bananas. She is sort of a stalker to me, and doesn’t give me much “alone time” and I just really could have used a break from her. I snapped at her, “IVY! I am going to SELL you!” To which she just haughtily retorted, “NO!” But then the cutest thing was when little Oliver gently and quietly said, “No! Don’t sell her! I wuv Ivy!” I seriously just about melted on the spot. Later Neil asked him if we should sell anyone and Oliver told us no, he wuvved our whole famiwy. We were pretty touched by his sentiment, especially since, as Neil pointed out, you would never know he loved Ivy.


And just because it’s funny, here’s a picture of Ivy bursting out of her favorite hiding spot: behind the sheer curtains.


So I’m off to work one more shift this evening, and tomorrow’s Christmas Eve. We’ll go to church, and get some food, and cuddle up in new jammies, and wait for Santa to come. I can’t wait!

And just to get you in the festive spirit, a picture Ben did in a doodle book. I love how he drew Santa’s face. Ho ho ho!

IMG_6916The teeth!


Sewing for Ivy :: Pleated Pantsuit.

Elegance and Elephants was looking for some pattern testers for a sweet little pantsuit, so I volunteered.

Then I realized that was a while ago and now it was due in a few days and I had no fabric and no time to go fabric shopping with all these kids I have. So I hunted around in my “old clothes that we don’t wear anymore but might make good new clothes” bin, and I found this dress that I wore approximately one and a half times.


It was gonna be a stretch to get enough fabric out of it to make something new for Ivy, and actually I didn’t have QUITE enough, so I used a bit of another old dress for the back bodice piece. I kinda like it that way actually.


It was a bit tricky sewing with this fabric. I don’t know what it is, but it’s kind of flimsy and slippery. It worked out though, and I really love the contrasting pockets and bodice lining. I don’t think I’ve ever sewn pockets before, and now I wonder why.


Ivy, of course, looks super cute in it. The flimsy-ness of the fabric makes the pantsuit super comfy, and gives it a sweet little vintage vibe I think.


Getting a picture of a 17 month old that is not blurry is a constant challenge for me; one that involves bribes and then usually tears (either from Ivy or maybe even from myself). Today is a very rainy day, so that combined with the natural squirminess of a toddler leaves me with all blurry pictures. I will try for better ones another day…


Here’s a shot of that back bodice:


Despite her refusal to stay still or smile for pictures, she’s still so darling, right?


As for the Pleated Pantsuit, it’s a super cute little pattern, and it comes in size 12 months all the way up to 8/9. It also comes in shorts length. The pattern was just released today, aaaaaand it’s free! So head on over and get it for yourself!

Sewing for holidays :: camera strap, bag, and passport wallet.

So in the last month I’ve made four tutus, nine pocket squares, a camera bag, camera strap, and a passport wallet.

The tutus turned out freaking awesome, but you’ll have to wait until after the wedding to see them. Same with the pocket squares, but believe me when I say a two year old with a pocket square is an adorable thing.

Everything else I sewed in the last two days, and I feel ever-so-productive! Heck, I even cleaned out the fridge today! (But only because I don’t want Neil’s grandma, who’s house sitting next week, to be grossed out by my fridge.)

Anyway, on to the goods. My camera needed a new strap cover that fit properly, and I really wanted one with a lens cap pocket, because I put that thing down in the oddest places and then of course can never find it again. Hopefully that won’t happen with my new strap.


One of my favorite parts is the little bit of patchwork on the back of the strap. I didn’t have enough of the yellow and so I had to piece it with some other fabrics. I really love how it turned out.


I also made a little drawstring bag to put my camera in. It is lined and I put a layer of fusible fleece in there to give it a little more protection. I just wanted something small enough to throw in a bigger bag, and I think this will do the trick perfectly.


I followed this tutorial to make the bag. The only thing I did differently was that I didn’t sew in a casing. I didn’t feel like having it too “ruffly”. It was a really nice tutorial; a super easy way to make a lined bag.

Theeeeeeen I made a passport wallet. Neil was going to buy one the other day (apparently he didn’t think our ziploc bag was classy enough?) and I was all like, “No! I’ll make one!” and then I actually did! I used this pattern and I love it!


One of the things I love about it is the pocket on the back- perfect for holding travel documents or whatever else!


I love how it turned out. It really is much nicer than a ziploc bag.


Now my sewing for Mexico is all done, thank goodness. I am so ready to get outta here and get on the beach!

A big, big pattern sale.

I don’t usually do this kind of stuff, but this is too good not to share! It’s a huge sale! A whole bunch of great patterns, and you just can’t beat that price. I am dying to sew some of those summer jammies (if it would ever be summer) and I really want to sew that shift dress for Ivy, too. It’s too cute! Anyway, if you like sewing like I do, I think you’ll wanna get in on this sale. If you don’t feel like shelling out some cash, at least scroll down and enter the huge giveaway at the bottom. Someone’s gotta win. It might as well be you. Or me, maybe.  

Today is the 1st day of the 1st ever Sew Fab e-Pattern Bundle Sale and giveaway, sponsored by The Southern Institute and Fat Quarter Shop!

Over the past eight weeks a lot of behind the scenes work has taken place to bring you this amazing bundle of ePatterns from several of the top pattern designers and bloggers in the sewing and blogging world.  The result is a bundle of 18 PDF sewing patterns that you don’t want to miss.

Buy NowFor one week only, ten pattern designers have come together to bring you 18 of their best PDF patterns, valued together at over $139.00, for the incredible price of $24.95!  That’s over 80% off of the combined retail value!  Plus you can enter to win a dream of a giveaway valued at $390 from some really great shops!

For less than $25.00 you will have a library of resources that you can use over and over again.  The designers that have joined this sale are experts in their craft.  They have been sewing for a very long time and are well known in blogland and elsewhere.  Each designer has contributed one or two of their favorite patterns to create a bundle that is sure to please!  Whether you are sewing for your own family or making gifts for others, these are patterns that you will love to use.

If you’ve never sewn with a PDF pattern before, let me tell you how great it is!  After downloading your pattern instructions and your pattern, you will print out the pattern itself, creating pattern tiles, if you will.  Simply tape the tiles together to create the full pattern!  At that point you can cut out the size that you need and pin the paper pattern directly to your fabric or you can trace the pattern size that you need onto sewing paper or tissue paper and cut it out, saving the paper pattern for later when you need to sew another size.  Pdf patterns are so convenient because you can print them out as many times as you need!

Click here to buy the bundle!
Now let me tell you a little bit about the giveaway!  

The Sew Fab Giveaway is amazing!  One lucky winner will win a bunch of amazing prizes from Craftsy, Fat Quarter Shop, fabricworm, Jennifer’s Jewels Custom Labels on Etsy, Green Bee Patterns, author Deborah Moebes, Mee a Bee, Gussy Sews, I’m Feeling Crafty, and Ball and Chain on Etsy. See the end of the post for giveaway details.  This giveaway is not to be missed!

I know you’re dying to know “What is included in the pattern bundle?”

18 well-loved ePatterns from 10 well-known designers are instantly accessible to you by PDF download upon purchase of the Sew Fab e-Pattern Bundle.  Here are the patterns that you will receive (click on the links below to see more details):

Goodship Dress by One Girl CircusMommy & Mia Apron by Sew Much AdoRuby Lou Doll by Sew Much AdoMini Maxi Dress by Seamingly SmittenMiss Mod Top by Seamingly SmittenLove Your Lunch Box by Ginger CakesModern Folksy Bunny by Ginger CakesBanyan Pants & Shorts by Figgy’sBanyan Top & Tunic by Figgy’sGo To Shift Dress by Go To PatternsGo To Gift Bags by Go To PatternsSidekick Suitcase by Sew FearlessMadeline Dress by Me Sew CrazyForget Me Knot Dress by Me Sew CrazyAlex & Anna Summer PJs by Peekaboo Pattern ShopAlex & Anna Winter PJs by Peekaboo Pattern ShopCommuter Cowl by luvinthemommyhoodScirocco Dress by Figgy’s

The Sew Fab e-Pattern Bundle is only available for one week and will never be available again!  You can purchase the bundle from February 4th at 8 a.m. EST through February 11th at 8 a.m. EST and there will be no late sales offered.  Due to the nature of the sale there will be no refunds offered.

You don’t want to miss this unique opportunity to purchase a ready made collection of 18 PDF sewing patterns from 10 of the best designers out there!

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There are lots of chances to win and no purchase required to enter the giveaway.  Just use the Rafflecopter widget and enter to win this amazing prize package that will inspire you in your sewing as well as keep you stocked with fabric for many projects to come!

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