Kaua’i day 5!

I’m so exhausted guys. It’s 8:53 pm and this is the first time I’ve been awake this late all week. I’m trying to stay awake past 9 so Neil doesn’t think I’m a total loser but I’m really struggling here.

This morning we fed the koi. Again. Ivy was brave enough to do it this time.

Obviously we have plans to do it again tomorrow. 

After fish feeding we went on a PLANE RIDE!

We went on a six passenger plane for a tour around Kauai. It was amazing!! 

This island is so beautiful. The landscape is just so dramatic- it takes your breath away, really. We saw sooooo many waterfalls, too. The pilot showed us a bunch of places where movies were filmed and as totally corny as it is, flying up to the waterfall that was filmed in Jurassic Park, while listening to the Jurassic Park soundtrack was SO. FUN. So, so fun.

Right after we took off we spotted whales playing in the ocean, and the pilot circled around for us to see them some more. So great. Seth and I saw a pod of dolphins too. Would have been cooler on the water but still neat from the sky too! 

Approximately ten minutes into our flight Ivy fell asleep.

I’m calling it a very expensive nap. Oliver nodded off towards the end and Ben fell asleep for a few minutes too. We’re really wearing them out on this holiday. 

After our flight we went to Lydgate beach park. There is the coolest playground I’ve ever seen there. It is so big and soooo fun. So many nooks and crannies for kids to run through- a lot of spaces where adults have to really crouch down to get through and some adults wouldn’t fit at all I don’t think. They played tag and hide and seek in there for forever.

There’s a really neat sheltered beach area there too. It’s all built up with big rocks so the big waves don’t get in. Seth and Neil went snorkelling again and saw some lots of fish. The rest of the kids just played in the calm waters.

I begged/pleaded/bribed/forced the kids to take some pictures after swimming. They hated me for it but obliged because I told them they wouldn’t get supper if they didn’t.

They’re so cute though, right? You’d never know the trouble they give me when it comes to photos.

After the beach we went to Kapa’a for supper where it happened to be the big town farmer’s market/live music thing they do on the first Saturday of the month. Let’s just say we were lucky not to lose a kid. Everyone was having a tough time trying to decide what to eat but Oliver saw some corn on the cob and he was sold. I added in a chicken taquito for him and he was just so happy. The other boys had pizza and Ivy ate half of my supper, which I was thoroughly enjoying and had no intention of sharing. I had to share with Seth too to be honest. Those little jerks.

Tomorrow Neil is taking the bigs on an ATV tour and me and the littles are gonna chill, at least for a couple hours.

Hey, I stayed up till 9:16! #winning

Kaua’i day 4!

Today we did the south side again. We started out with some shopping and snorkel renting in Koloa and then we went to Lawai beach.

Seth had so much fun snorkelling. He is just a natural in the water. I just love watching him swim and watching him snorkel was even more fun. He snorkelled for a long time with Neil, and then Ben went with them too. Ben was not very comfortable swimming with flippers on and was still nervous about the waves so we strapped a life jacket on him and left him flipper-less and he did just fine. 

After Neil came back I went out with Seth. As much as I like seeing fish in the ocean, and as much as I wish it was, snorkelling is just not my jam. I always make myself do it, but I always feel sort of anxious the whole time. I’m not afraid of the water or the fish, I don’t know what my problem is. Anyway I did it and I just followed Seth around. Seeing my ten year old swim around and dive down to touch fish made me more confident that I could handle it too.

Still, I didn’t last long. Neil went back out again with Seth, who we eventually dragged back in. He said the snorkelling has been his favourite part of the trip so far. 

Ivy kept busy at the beach collecting big rocks that were her “babies”. She had six babies!!! 😉 She kept covering them in sand and then giving them “bath-es”.

Oliver just wandered around, played in the sand, and explored. He spotted a bunch of crabs and that kept the kids busy for awhile- trying to catch one. No luck.

After that beach we grabbed a loaf of bread and made some sandwiches out of the back of our van, then went to Poipu beach for some swimming. Oliver played with a sea slug for like 45 minutes there.

That was the first beach where it was calm enough for Ivy to really get in and swim and oh she sure had a good time! 

Our drive home was so pretty we just had to pull over and take some pictures. The pictures of course don’t do it any sort of justice. I have been taking a lot of video too- it’s just so so beautiful here!!

Neil wanted to take a picture of our vehicle. I reserved a minivan but we totally got upgraded to a fully loaded Yukon XL. This thing is HUGE. I can barely even see the kids who are in the very back. And you could easily fit four children across each seat it is soooo roomy. And it has seat coolers! I didn’t even know that could be a thing!

Anyway it’s pretty nice to have even if it’s just for a week!

After supper some of the kids and I went for a walk and then we found a biiiiiig toad. He was sitting pretty much exactly where we saw him a couple nights ago. He was not worried about kids touching him- he just sat on the ground. Eventually Ben worked up the nerve to pick him up (he is SO big you guys!!) and then we brought him inside to see Neil and Seth.

Ivy’s face just kills me in that picture- she was actually having so much fun but for some reason she really pulled out her poker face for that picture. 
He basically sat in Ben’s hands totally chill. Until he hopped out and tried to get under the couch. Thankfully Ben caught him in time and we released him back outside. Super fun times. 🙂

Kaua’i Day 2 and 3!

We slept till 6:30 our second day! Woot!

We decided to go check out Waimea Canyon- aka the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. It was a pretty cool drive up there. The dirt is so so red- it’s crazy! 

We got up to the lookout and the view really is pretty amazing. It was hampered somewhat by the wailing five year old. Ivy  was not in the mood to be in Waimea apparently. She was throwing a huge obnoxious fit, so that was awesome. We didn’t stay too long because kids aren’t impressed by things like enormous canyons with sweeping vistas and waterfalls.

We wanted to do a hike there but really had trouble finding somewhere to hike due to lack of signage and maps and internet. We did find somewhere and did do a bit of a hike but we didn’t last too long because it was a lot of downhill which we knew meant a lot of uphill on the way back. Ivy literally whined the entire way downhill but somehow as soon  as we turned around and had to climb steeply uphill with loads of switchbacks she was full of energy and happy. Sigh. As pretty as the hike was we decided we’d rather be at the beach anyway.

We headed west after Waimea. We went to Polihale, which is almost as far west as you can go here. You have to drive down a four mile stretch of super bumpy pot holes crazy dirt road to get there. But once you’re there you climb down these huge sand dunes to miles of wide white sand beach that you pretty much have to yourself. There were about six other people there with us I think. It was amazing.

The waves though. I was pretty worried someone was gonna drown. They were insane. We played it as safe as we could and the kids had so much fun playing in those monstrous waves under the hot sun.

By the time we were done playing in the waves we were all pretty tired again so we just headed back to the condo to play in the pool, eat leftover pizza, and go to bed early again.

The next day we headed over to the Marriot for the koi feeding. It was so much fun! Ben was laughing so hard at the feeing of fish eating out of his hand; it was amazing. He seriously has the most infectious laugh.

After feeding the fish we took a quick little drive up to some water falls near where we are staying. They’re right at the side of the road so no hiking required.

There was a family there selling coconuts out of the back of their truck. Oliver’s number one thing to do in Hawaii since we booked this trip was to drink out of a coconut so obviously we made that happen.

After we finished our coconut they gave us another one for free so that was awesome. They had two small boys and were pregnant with their third baby so I think they were reassured seeing a happy family with three great boys and one girl. We told them our third boy was our nicest and our favourite too. 😉 

After the waterfall we drove up to the north shore. We stopped in Hanalei Bay for more swimming in waves. The kids have been having the best time playing in the ocean which is making me so happy. The last time we were at an ocean they refused to go in because they were too afraid of sharks. Much better this time. 🙂

  We did a little shopping in Hanalei Bay too- Ben bought himself a new hat of course. We got our first shave ice too. It was pretty tasty but sooooo messy. Oliver was like elbow deep in melted shave ice.


After the bay we stopped at another random beach, explored a huge cave, and then ended up at Ke’e beach. It was such a cool beach!

 You walk through this super neat forest to get there and then on the beach there are all these huge trees with amazing root systems. So neat! The beach is basically at the end of the highway on the north shore. There is a hike there we want to do so we will definitely go back to that beach again. 

Ivy and Ben has so much fun playing at that beach. They were pretending a piece of coral was their baby, but they kept throwing their “baby” in the ocean and watching it get washed away in the waves and then rescuing it. And then repeating that scenario over and over again. 

On our way home we stopped at The Shrimp Station for supper. Oliver is a shrimp fanatic (known to devour an entire shrimp ring on his own) and so this was a must-stop for him. The shrimp really was pretty good and Oliver was really happy so it was a win win.

We’re in Kaua’i!

We flew to Kaua’i for a family vacay on Monday. We flew through Calgary and Vancouver and somehow it went really mostly very smoothly. We pretty much went directly from one plane onto another and basically took off right away each time. 

It was nice not to have to wait around anywhere but I was definitely a little stressed out luggage wouldn’t make it with us. But it did! Kids did well on the flights although poor Oliver and Ivy really had a hard time with the last two landings. Their ears were hurting so bad they were crying and I couldn’t convince them to try anything that might help. Thankfully that pain is short-lived (although it seems like it’s never gonna end when you’re trying to comfort an inconsolable suffering child).
We landed in Kauai at around 10pm and managed to get our rental car pretty quickly. Our condo is only five minutes from the airport and that was very much appreciated! We were all so tired although the kids were in that weird hyper over-tired place that kids go.

Anyway we got settled in and went to sleep pretty much right away and we managed to sleep till about 5/5:30 Kauai time (9:30 Manitoba time). It wasn’t too horrible but the sun doesn’t come up here until 7:15 and it sure felt like a long two hours waiting to see what was actually out our condo windows! Oliver used the time to start a journal of his trip. He did this 100% of his own accord with absolutely no prompting. He’s just awesome like that. This line from his first day just killed me:

“Yesterday I got at Kauai. I woc up by hrdd sum thickin.”

In other words, “I woke up by hearing some chickens.” I die. Seriously though, there’s more chickens than people here I think!!

The first thing we did once the sun came up was go get some coffee and breakfast.

The place I had googled for breakfast happened to just be a short walk away, so that was great. After we ate we explored on the little beach nearby. We realized it was the Marriot right there too, and that was the place with the Koi fish pond that the kids had been dying to see. It was pretty much at the top of Oliver’s list of things to see while we were in Kauai. 

Dreams come true guys. Sometime after this everyone started getting seriously cranky and tired and so we ended up all having a nap. I think it was still only like 9:30 am at this point!! Anyway we all felt a lot better after a nap and so we headed to the south shore to see what we could see. It wasn’t a super warm day unfortunately- pretty windy, so as much as the kids wanted to play in the water, they were all feeling a little too chilly pretty quickly. We still had fun though- saw a HUGE monk seal sleeping on the beach, and a sea turtle too!

Mostly the kids were just dying to go swim at the condo’s pool. As much as we tried to explain to them that the ocean was cooler than a pool, we couldn’t convince them. We stopped for groceries at Costco , ate samples for our late lunch, and then went back to the condo for a swim. Neil found out from a guy there that it was movie night down on the beach by the Marriott. Obviously we hit that up. The kids played on the beach while waiting for the movie to start, and then we sat on beach chairs watching Indiana Jones together. It was pretty great.

The littles didn’t last the whole movie so I walked them home and tucked them in and Neil and the bigs came back a little while later. All the kids fell asleep pretty much immediately and even Neil and I were asleep by 9. It was a really good first day of vacation. Today’s day 3 and it’s 8:53pm and the end of another great day and I’m totally wiped again. The kids were asleep within minutes of their heads hitting the pillow tonight and I’m feeling like I’ll be doing the same. 🙂

Ivy :: 5

Ivy is five today! Holy smokes you guys- the last five years went so crazy fast. I just can’t believe my last little baby is a full-on kid now. Not gonna lie, lots of feels about that. She’s a really great kid though, so I’ll be ok.

Oh Ivy, I just love you so freaking much!


You are such a fun kid, always up for any adventure. You’ll tackle any hike, try any new sport, and throw yourself right in on a royal rumble with your big brothers. If it looks fun, you’re up for trying it.

You love animals. Pretty much all animals, although soft and cuddly is your favorite. Cats are your life. I think if we got you a cat all of your dreams would come true and your life would be complete. But even though you love soft and cuddly, you also love catching frogs and snakes, and you love playing with our bearded dragon. You give him baths and take him for walks in your doll stroller sometime. Right now you want to be a vet when you grow up, and I think it could be a good fit for you!

You love playing. You play all day long with your Lego, your Shopkins, your dollhouse, whatever. You like hauling all the millions of small things you own out into the middle of the floor by the kitchen and playing there. That way you’re not alone. You keep yourself busy and you love being at home with your stuff. Yesterday morning you asked me, “Mom, are we staying home alllll day today?” And when I answered yes you said, “Oh good! I just love being at home with you.” I love being at home with you too babe! We have such nice days together. And even when we do have to go run errands, you’re always a good sport, always patient and helpful, even when we’d both rather be at home.

You’re such a good sister and daughter. You get along really well with all of your brothers, even Oliver, FINALLY! You play with them all the time, whatever they’re playing. You have no problem watching Star Wars or superhero movies, or wrestling, biking over jumps, imagining you’re a bad guy, whatever. You get right in there and play with anyone. You hardly ever get to play anything “girly”- so you love it when your cousins come over. You love those girls so much!


You’re polite and kind but also so crazy and weird sometimes. I love that about you. You tell fart jokes as well as any of your brothers but you still love dressing up all fancy once and awhile. You’ll accessorize to the nines or hang around in your brother’s old sweatpants. You love lip syncing. I haven’t heard you sing in years since you discovered lip syncing. Even if I’m singing in the van you ask me to “just move your mouth but don’t let any sound out, Mom.” You love music and you know what your favorite songs are. You’re pretty much the boss of the radio in the van.




Even though you’re mostly a really sweet girl, you are also very strong willed and have no problem saying NO to me and Dad if we ask you to do something. If you don’t want to do something, you’re pretty resolute in your decision not to do it. If you decide you don’t like what I cooked there’s pretty much nothing I can do about it. Once you’ve decided something, you are sticking to that decision for life apparently.


Your favorite foods are KD, spaghetti, sushi, and hamburgers. You asked for KD for your birthday breakfast. We had birthday pancakes with sprinkles instead. Grammy took you to “King Burger” for your annual birthday date last night. Almost every time we’re in Winnipeg you’re also of a sudden hungry for a “buhger”. We go through drive-thrus more often than I’m comfortable admitting. I can’t say no to your face and you know it.

You still love sleeping. You already when back to bed for a rest once this morning. (You were up so early today- SOOOO excited for your birthday!) You would take a nap every day if I let you, and if you ever catch me dozing on the couch, you’re like, “I’m gonna have a nap too Mom!!” You literally love napping. Like your Mama. I love your little sleep-loving self so much.

I just feel so lucky I get to be your Mom, Ivy. I love all the time we get to spend together. I’m excited to watch a girly movie with you today and to go out for sushi at a real restaurant instead of just Superstore. You’re a true gift to me Ivy and I love you so very much. Happy 5th birthday Baby.


ps: when Seth, Ben, and Oliver turned five. Apparently I didn’t write anything meaningful when Seth turned five. Sorry buddy. I’m sure you were a great kid then. 🙂

Christmassy stuff.

And just like that it’s been three weeks since I posted and it’s three sleeps till Christmas! As Ivy would say…oh em goodness!!!

We’ve had a fun month of Christmas concerts and visiting Santa and Christmas parties and then more Christmas concerts.

After our first attempt at Santa with the two hour line up, I knew better and planned accordingly. I dragged myself out of bed early after an evening shift the night before, we packed up and left Neil at home, and got to the store just as it opened. We were 2nd in line and I felt like the king of the world.

And Santa and Mrs.Clause, you guys. They were pure magic. Even Seth was convinced these two were the REAL ones. To be honest, they almost had me roped in. They were just the sweetest and so genuinely warm and friendly and interested in the kids. They totally had the kids convinced they remembered them from last year and when Seth told Mrs.Clause he wanted Lego for Christmas she said “I just knew it!” just like she really knew Seth and what he loves. It was just the best. I loved it so much! Plus, this picture!!! 

Oliver’s a little awkward, as usual, but still, look at all those sweet smiling faces. My heart.

The day after we saw Santa was Seth and Ben’s Christmas concert. Seriously the best. Christmas concerts at church are my favourite and this one was one of my all-time favorites. Seth even sang along this year!

Ben looked a little nervous but I think he had fun too. I didn’t take a picture of him apparently. Sorry Ben. 

After their Christmas concert we went to the Lafarge kids Christmas party. Ivy immediately ran to get her face painted. Face paint is like the spa for her. She just settles right into that chair, closes her eyes, and does not move.

She just loved her butterfly face so much.

They had a photobooth there that the kids sure had fun with.

They all got to see Santa, again. Ivy got a Shopkins set that she literally hasn’t stopped playing with since that day. Oliver got Lego that Seth assembled for him, Ben got a remote control car (which coincidentally he has been considering asking Santa for anyway!) and Seth got a gift card, so they were all pretty happy!

Do you SEE Ivy and Santa? She loooooves him.The boys school Christmas concerts were this week but I don’t have any good snaps because I was sitting at the back of the gym. Oliver had the very important role of “holding the hippopotamus butt” in his class concert. He was really proud. And cute, obviously. Ben was also pretty proud that he was one of three kids that got to play an instrument. I’ve got to say you guys, he totally nailed that triangle. It was one of those ridiculous parenting moments where you’re sitting there bursting with pride thinking “oh my goodness Ben is soooooo good at the triangle!” and even as you’re thinking it you should realize how silly it is but you don’t care! Loved it.

Last week Marissa and I went to a wreath workshop at The Forks and had the best time. Drinking and crafting with a friend is the funnest. Our wreaths turned out pretty good too.

And now we’re ready for Christmas! Besides that IKEA desk we bought for Oliver that we need to assemble still….Only three sleeps till Christmas morning- I can’t wait!

Snow Day 2!

So yeah, we actually did get two snow days in a row! The snow is crazy around here. I think it’s finally stopped sort of, for now, but yeesh, we got a lot of snow.

I shovelled half the driveway so I could go out and get some baking ingredients. It was way harder today because now the snow bank I need to throw snow on is like four feet tall. Really worked those arms.

The kids spent lots of time sledding again, and Ivy worked up the nerve to go down once. Usually she’s totally fearless about this sort of thing but she’s psyched herself out or something this winter so far.

Oliver continued to have an absolute blast, and Ben kept riding that snow skate like a champ.

It was still only -4 today so it was a really nice morning to play outside.

The snow kept getting caught in Oliver’s long eyelashes but I had the hardest time trying to get him to stay still for a picture.

We came in for baked oatmeal, some housework (I cleaned out the junk drawer!!), a movie, and some baking. Today we made butter tarts, salted caramel chocolate fudge, and homemade caramels. The caramels were super easy to make but I should have used parchment paper instead of no name wax paper because it really stuck. A little extra work but they turned out really cute at least.

The kids got their Lego Club magazines in the mail and those kept them quiet for ages.

I got Christmas cards addressed, stamped, AND mailed today!

Feeling extra efficient today!

Babies are already asleep and I’m helping Seth and Ben decide what they’re going to ask Santa for. They’re drawing a blank on their wish lists so far, which is making it a little tricky for me to finish up my shopping. Hopefully we can figure something out tonight. 😉